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Physical medicine, rehab specialists lead run for PWDs

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
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PHYSIATRISTS, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists of the Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (PARM) championing the needy persons with disabilities, one of society’s most neglected sectors, are at the helm of “M.O.V.E. 2015 Run and Roll for Inclusion” this July 26, 2015, to be held at 5 a.m. at the Quezon Memorial City in Quezon City.
“M.O.V.E.” stands for “Making Ourselves Vigilant to Exercise,” an advocacy for exercise awareness in the community, combined with a fundraising drive for indigent Persons With Disabilities (PWDs). Dr. Lynette “Jojo” Villa of the San Juan de Dios Hospital who is also spearheading the event, said the advocacy assists persons with disabilities for their medical and rehabilitative care, helps athletes with disabilities to participate in sports, supports skills training, disability awareness and prevention workshops, and funds the PARM-PMA Rehab Charity Clinic. The advocacy project is regarded by many sectors as certainly deserving to be awarded the Most Outstanding Specialty Project by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA).                                                     
As in every year, PARM is a member of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the 2015 National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week. The 2015 NWC, chaired by the Department of Health, is composed of government, non-government agencies and different PWD organizations. M.O.V.E. 2015 Run and Roll for Inclusion projects to draw at least 300 wheelchair athletes, and even more persons of various disabilities, families  and friends running with their differently-abled loved ones and celebrities like basketball players from PBA. “M.O.V.E. 2015 Run and Roll for Inclusion” culminates the nationwide celebration of NDPR Week.
Dr. Villa said that for the past three and a half decades, physiatrists -- medical doctors specializing in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, have organized themselves under PARM to promote excellence in rehabilitation care. The academy has almost 350 members, covering all areas of the country. It has accomplished programs for the welfare of the PWDs through its various advocacies and linkages, locally and internationally.
In general, disability may be classified as physical, mental or emotional, which may be caused by either traumatic or non-traumatic causes. An estimated 10% of the total population of the Philippines, eight million Filipinos, have some form of disability. Approximately 80% of them are below poverty level. The psycho-social and economic issues which impact on their lives are great.             
The National Council for Disability Affairs is the government body which is the focal point of national policies for various disability issues. Although there are approximately 500 non-government organizations including organized PWD groups which offer different services and resources for specific needs, there are still a lot of PWDs whose needs are not met adequately.                                                
Through the PARM F.U.N.D. (Fund for the Upliftment of the Needy Differently-Abled) which M.O.V.E. Runs support, members provide for the rehabilitation and wellness needs of indigent Filipinos. To date, PARM has donated a total of P273,868.65  which assisted 35 persons with disabilities nationwide.  One of the first beneficiaries were residents of Tahanan ng Walang Hagdan when typhoon Ondoy destroyed their community as well as materials needed for their livelihood.
Aside from food and other basic needs, PARM was able to provide some equipment for their workshops. Individual PWDs were supported in various ways such as financing medical expenses and rehabilitation treatments including provision of orthoses and prostheses, funding athletes with disabilities to be able to participate in sports events and programs for disability awareness and prevention.             
They target to raise at least P300,000 for the PARM F.U.N.D. from the Run this July 26. Through the fund and other advocacies of PARM, the group aims to help not only in raising awareness about disability but also to assist in dealing with other non-health related issues which impact tremendously on the lives of persons with disabilities.
Anyone can sponsor and participate in “M.O.V.E. 2015 Run and Roll for Inclusion” under two individual fun run events: 2.2 kilometer (with a P400 registration fee) and the 4.4 kilometer (P500) for 4 categories -- men, women and wheelchair men and wheelchair women athletes. There will also be a special 2.2 kilometer Buddy Run. Those who do not plan to run or walk but wish to support this worthwhile cause may pledge to sponsor registration fees of participating PWDs.
For further inquiries or details about “M.O.V.E. 2015 Run and Roll for Inclusion,” contact the PARM Secretariat at 4159048 or 0915-552-7276.