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Why Father is the best

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TODAY, children -- young and old alike -- pay tribute to their dads. He is that other half of the parenting team who usually is the silent yet forceful power at home. Here are some grateful kids who proudly reveal why their father is the best.

Aurora Marina D. Nivera:

I know.
I know that my papa loves dark strong coffee and that if I poke his tummy enough times, he’ll stand up from his laptop to make me his special fried rice. I know that he would always take the time to do things analytically. I know he would always tend to brood deeply over things. I know that he would always laugh over the most trivial and unexpected things. However, I also know, that though he may never say it out loud, he often urges us to not wait for him to go online through the wee hours of the night. I know that he may smile and laugh with us through the blurry and glitchy computer screen. I know that he will never say the nine to 10 months he spend away from us, the long hours of working in a foreign unfriendly land is a heavy, lonely burden  that he bravely bears for our sake. For his family’s sake. It is a burden countless of other OFW parents are willing to bear for their family. And for all that and more, I know that my father is the best and we love him.

Elizabeth Jackson:

Growing up, I didn’t really grow up with my dad by my side.
He was never around whenever I needed him. There is not much I can say about my dad as we are not as close as other daughters and their fathers. However, because of my dad, I can see how a father should not be like. I have realized what I should look for in my future husband and the future father of my children.
The one thing that I will never forget though is that despite my dad not being in my life like he should, I always keep in mind everything everyone tells me. I have been told that he loves me and that he would do anything for me. This may be true but maybe I don’t see it clearly. Every father loves his children. They make sacrifices and they protect and shape their children. Every father should deserve credit and love from their children no matter what kind of person they are. At the end of the day, we can never forget the fact that if they never existed, we would not have been made. We should all be lucky and thankful for having a dad and even a little effort from our dads should be enough, it is better than nothing.
Nicole Taruc:

Being a father is never an easy task.
The hardest thing about being a father is knowing that you love your kids more than anything in the world. My father wants me to become a good human being like him. That is why he always teaches me to distinguish between wrong and right. Also, he is convinced that his efforts to make me a good human being will never go in vain. His confidence in me makes me strive hard and make him proud someday. I thank God everyday for giving me such a loving and caring father. I also miss him.

Abigail Tambalo:

My father is the best father in the whole world because the love of the Father is in him.
That love richly dwells in his veins. This has passed on to me and my younger sister. That love has manipulated him in doing his best for our family’s good, even if it would cost him his own loss. He is the best papa any kid would be lucky to have. He is not perfect, but that’s perfectly okay. He may have not gotten the riches and wealth of this world, but for him, we are his crowning glory. He may have his shortcomings, but his love and care for us did not come in any short supply. He could be replaced by someone better, but for me, no one could be as unique and as awesome as my father. He still would be the best among the rest.

Aiyana Yasmin Cruz:

Even though he is at sea, he will always be with me.
His jokes are as corny as Kansas in August, but I love him anyway. His appetite is equivalent to that of a starving blue whale, but I love him anyway. His hairline is rescinding like it is afraid of his face, but I love him anyway. I love him. His corny jokes. His big appetite. His withdrawing hairline. Him. And I won’t have it in any other way.

Nikki Lehnert:

Ex-military and retired civil engineer, my father Alfred Lehnert was a better man before than he is today.
I lived my first four years in Spain together with my dad, where he solely took care of me and made me happy every single day. My mother at that time was working as a nurse abroad and did not have the luxury of time to stay with us for a long period. We would only have limited hugs and kisses before she had to return to work. I remember how my dad would prep me up in the morning before school and how wonderful he would make me look by styling my hair and putting fluffy dresses on me which made me feel like a real princess. He never failed to take photographs of me, every single week the camera film would be running out and he would be developing the pictures right away and pasting them on countless photo albums. That was my dad. He was the best. The way he loved me was wholehearted and outrageous. When I turned four, he went to prison for false accusations. It took him two years before he could breathe fresh air again, but then, everything changed. The man I looked up to, suddenly became the man I look down
to. And that person, I miss the most. Here’s to my dad who once, was the best.

Rex Felix Salvador:

My father is the best since he is being used by God as an instrument to provide for our (family) daily needs.
He is the toughest since he doesn’t rant or blame anyone whenever he’s exhausted from work. The fair-minded because he always takes into mind the equality of us siblings. He may not be perfect and may be half-full of positives and negatives. Paranoid, but that’s because he worries of what can happen to me whenever it’s already late and I’m still outside. Overacting, because he’s a dad who always considers our safety. I’m not a perfect son, and may be also half-full of positives and negatives, like my father and anyone else. But he’s the best, since he’s the only Dad I have, and one of the prime in the world of  fatherhood.