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Who was the abandoned man with no memory?

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POLICE and social services were baffled when an elderly man with an American accent was found lost on the streets of the English city of Hereford. He didn’t know who he was or have any ID, and he was dressed…

Skeleton of an ancient giant found in Iran

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NEWS of giant skeletons in Iran generates talk of Nephilim, giants in stasis chambers and other stories and this new discovery is no different. The skeleton of a being much larger than humans living around 500 CE was found among…

Incoming! False Missile Warning Rattles Air Force Crew

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FEB. 14 was just a typical day for U.S. Air Force personnel working at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany -- until all hell broke loose. The workaday routine was shattered with a simple red message that popped up on the…

New search begins for the Ark of the Covenant

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GRAB your bullwhip, spray on some snake repellent, put on your fedora and cue up the John Williams theme song … it’s time again to go hunting for the Lost Ark of the Covenant! “The excavation will also make it…

Woolly mammoth on verge of resurrection, scientists reveal

Scientist leading ‘de-extinction’ effort says Harvard team could create hybrid mammoth-elephant embryo in two years THE woolly mammoth vanished from the Earth 4,000 years ago, but now, scientists say they are on the brink of resurrecting the ancient beast in…

Another Dead Sea Scrolls Cave Discovered

NOTHING seems to get archaeologists into an Indiana Jones state of excitement more than the discovery of a Dead Sea Scrolls cave. In fact, they get all hot and bothered even if the scrolls have already been looted. That’s the…

10 times meteors have impacted history

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A METEOR is an object that falls from outer space into the Earth’s atmosphere. It becomes a meteorite if it survives burning up in the atmosphere and reaches land. While human knowledge of our universe has expanded more in the…
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