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Dingdong, no comment sa pagseselos ni Marian

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Balik-primetime na naman si Dingdong Dantes sa season 2 ng Alyas Robin Hood at ayon sa aktor, mas pinaganda at mas pinalaki ang bagong libro ngayon lalo na nga ang action scenes. Sa week 1 pa lang daw ay marami…

Are UFO abductees being secretly watched?

AS someone who writes a great deal on the subject of UFO-themed issues, I find myself on the receiving end of a lot of reports and witness testimony. Some such accounts are more controversial than others. Then, there are those…

Amanda Howard: The serial killer whisperer

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What’s it like to communicate with the world’s most depraved murderers? AUSTRALIAN author Amanda Howard has been writing to incarcerated serial killers for the last 20 years. A true crime writer, researcher, and novelist, Amanda has an entire room in…

‘This thing was definitely not human’

AS a follow-up to my recent article on the British Bigfoot, I thought it might be a good idea to demonstrate to you that such accounts are far from rare. And they don’t just reach those of us that investigate…

Dark synchronicity and strange deaths

COINCIDENCES can be a weird thing. Disparate things can display connections which one might have never even thought possible, and it can force us to question just what this reality of ours is trying to say, or if it is…

Soldier fulfils funeral dress death pact

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IT was a pact that only a true friend would keep. Before one of them was sent to fight in Afghanistan for the British Army, they made a deal: If one of them died, the other had to wear a…
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