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Real ghost story: Signs of a ghost

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I THOUGHT that I should first let you know that I am very interested in the paranormal. I have always wanted to see and feel a ghost around me. At my house, I have had some really odd things going…

Real ghost story: Schizophrenia or Incubus?

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I AM 18 years old and have an incubus, or at least I believe I do, and I do not know what to. His name is Rhyder. He has been with me ever since a young age. Back then, he…

Real ghost story: The hand behind the sofa

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THIS was my first and as yet only experience with the paranormal. Throughout my life I have revisited this incident, wondering if perhaps it was simply a child’s fancy, a leap of imagination. Yet, no matter the years that pass,…

Real ghost story: Sinister beginnings

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FOR most of my nearly 24 years of life, I have had an interest in the odd and frightening. With that being said, it isn’t unusual for me to explain away certain strange occurrences as something related to the paranormal,…

Mysterious people who drove off the face of the Earth

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THERE are plenty of cases of vanished people who have seemingly stepped off the face of the earth to leave abandoned vehicles behind. However, even more curious is those cases where the disappeared have gone off to take a drive…

10 good people who were punished for helping others

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NO good deed goes unpunished. The world has its share of heroic people who will risk their own lives to keep other people safe, but they don’t always get parades and trophies for their good deeds. In the name of…

Bio-Type UFO Over Washington, DC

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Washington, DC -- 1978-05-31: This happened in the late 70’s in Washington, DC. I was a child of about 7 or 8. My parents had just come home from the grocery store and my siblings and I were helping to…

UFO Sighting Statistics for August 2017

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August 2017 saw a total of 821 UFO sightings reported to MUFON from around the world. A breakdown by country is shown on the right. By scrolling down, you can also see the number of reports by state, shape, and…

Mysterious Vanishings and Strange Deaths at Death Valley

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Sprawled out over a large swath of Eastern California, in the United States is a vast expanse of arid desert wasteland covering around 3,000 sq mi (7,800 km2), known rather fittingly as Death Valley, located mostly within Inyo County, California.…
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