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Rare elephant twins born at South African game reserve

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PONGOLA Game Reserve, a privately-owned big-four game reserve in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal, today reported the birth of African elephant twins. Scientific evidence suggests that there is less than one percent prevalence rate of elephants twinning and even less of a…

ETs frequent Las Vegas casinos

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FOR centuries, people have argued over the possibility of existence of aliens. There have been incidents reported by humans claiming seeing extraterrestrial beings on Earth. Now an author, also a former US Air Force serviceman is claiming that he has…

Pterosaurs are real!

FROM Mufon: I received the following comments in reference to the Pterosaur Sighting - Central Arkansas: First of all: I am a college degree holder in Anthropology. Also did field investigation for MUFON in the last 80s and into mid…

Hindu worshippers kill 500,000 animals at festival

THE largest traditional animal sacrifice in the world began last weekend in southern Nepal with an estimated 4,000 buffalo, goats, and pigeons slaughtered on Friday alone. The two-day festival, called Gadhimai Mela Festival, takes place at the Gadhimai temple about…

Orion spacecraft test flight a success

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NASA’s successor to the space shuttles landed safely after embarking on its maiden voyage. Crowds had gathered at Cape Canaveral in Florida this morning as the capsule, which will one day carry astronauts to Mars, blasted off successfully and headed…

Golfer killed by crocodile

A CROCODILE killed a man while he was retrieving golf balls from a dam called Lake Panic at South Africa’s flagship wildlife reserve, officials said Thursday. The crocodile grabbed 29-year-old Jacques van der Sandt in its jaws on Wednesday night…

The secret history of hermits

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In ancient China, becoming a hermit didn’t mean a person was seeking spiritual enlightenment. It meant they were turning away from a corrupt world. People became hermits as a way of declaring their distaste for the state of human society.…

The monster of Bedburg: A werewolf?

IN 1589, in a small town in Germany not too far from Cologne, terrible things were happening. It started with cattle mutilations, and the locals feared a vicious predator was on the prowl. A wolf was the first suspect. Then…

Eaten alive: Anaconda man explains stunt

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NATURALIST Paul Rosolie has spoken out about what possessed him to undertake the dangerous stunt. Rosolie, who last month revealed that he was going to be eaten alive by a large anaconda while wearing a special protective suit, has stated…

100 brains go missing at University of Texas

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THE University of Texas at Austin has a macabre mystery on its hands: It’s missing brains, about a hundred of them --potentially among them one belonging to clock tower sniper Charles Whitman. The brains were those of patients at the…

Dealing with trolls... tell their mom

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AN Australian game reviewer got sick and tired of young boys trolling her and threatening to rape her, so she did what any self-respecting adult would do -- she told their parents. The 21-year-old journalist Alanah Pearce normally reviews video…

Dream-state encounter

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IT was one early morning around 5-6 a.m. I had awakened to the radio alarm, turned it off and decided that I could manage another 5-10 minutes of sleep, before rising. As I lay there half asleep, everything in my…

1790 Colonial UFO

HE was playing his fiddle and became witness to a 1790 Colonial UFO Sighting. It was a clear summer evening in 1790. A settler in New York’s Schoharie County was sitting on the porch of his dwelling playing his fiddle.…
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