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UFO encounter... lost time

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Dover, Missouri -- 1995-11-01 -- A few months ago, my fiance and I were watching a movie. I’m not sure what it was but there was a scene in the movie with a UFO. We got into a conversation about…

Exorcism in Czech Republic church secretly filmed

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AN exorcism caught on camera, filmed through the keyhole of a church in the Czech Republic, is a genuine act, church officials confirmed. The film shows a woman said to be possessed by the devil is heard screaming as a…

Boy killed by falling sacrificial goat

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IN October 2014, a schoolboy was killed after a sacrificial goat jumped off a roof and landed on his head. Heval Yildirim was playing with friends when the animal -- which also died -- plummeted six floors from the top…

Murder makes Hong Kong ‘haunted apartments’ a hard sell

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THERE’S a grim phenomenon in the real estate market in Hong Kong: discounts of as much as 50 per cent for home-seekers willing to live in an apartment where a murder has occurred. Unnatural deaths typically result in rental discounts…

Widow digs up husband’s body, dumps coffin on roadside

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A GRIEVING widow faces jail after exhuming the corpse of her dead husband before dumping his coffin on the roadside and attempting to smuggle his body across a border. Verica Zunjic, 60, had driven 230 miles from her home in…

Tallest, shortest men meet

THE remarkable meeting of opposite extremes was organized to celebrate Guinness World Records Day. Sultan Kosen of Turkey, the tallest man in the world at 2.51m in height, attended the event in London where he shook hands with Nepal’s Chandra…

The true story behind those ‘antique’ vampire hunting kits

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YOU’VE seen them turn up on auction sites from time to time: “authentic vampire-killing kits,” attributed to a master craftsman, Professor Ernst Blomberg of Germany. (One sold for $12,000 at Sotheby’s.) A British museum curator explains how he proved them…

Roswell UFO researcher claims to have picture of aliens

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ROSWELL researcher and author Tom Carey told the crowd at American University yesterday that he has the “smoking gun” to prove once and for all aliens are real. According to an article by WTOP in Washington, Carey claims to have…

Woman burned alive after ‘witch’ claim

AN indigenous woman accused of being a witch has been tied to a wooden pole, shot with arrows and then burned alive in Paraguay. Adolfina Ocampos, 45, was allegedly killed after sorcery claims by members of the Mbya Guarani indigenous…

Denmark funds research on underground trolls

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THE state-funded Danish Council for Independent Research has earmarked 2.5 million kroner to a PhD project that will look into the ‘under-earthlings’ rumored to inhabit the island of Bornholm The state-run Danish Council for Independent Research (Det Frie Forskningsråd -…

Is this Staffordshire pub haunted by a schoolgirl ghost?

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THE ghost of a schoolgirl has been captured on a mobile phone at the Four Crosses pub in Stafford shire. Clairvoyant Christine Hamlett from Norwich in Cheshire took a picture of the child specter and claims the child will not…

Was the Dover Demon an alien being?

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I just simply have lived in the area of Dover and have heard a lot about the Dover Demon Case that occurred back in 1977, and vividly remember the description the witnesses gave and pictures they drew. I know this…
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