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This fish basically gives its enemies heroin

Could new drugs be found in its unique venom? AT first glance, a fang blenny looks completely unthreatening. It’s small, brightly colored, and looks like it would be an adorable backup character in a Finding Nemo film. Then, it opens…

6 Unsolved rock star and rapper deaths

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WHEN you hear a song on the radio, you hardly think about what an artist goes through to get there: the competition, the hard partying, the pressure to succeed. These six unsolved deaths bring the ugly underbelly of the music…

The mysterious disappearance of the Beaumont children

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GLENELG is a popular seaside suburb in Adelaide, south Australia. The town’s sunny beaches provide relief from the urban bustle, and crowds come to relax there during the summer months. But on one bright day in January, darkness gathered at…

Specters of the Emerald Isle: The Lively Ghosts of Ireland

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IRISH folklore is often most famously associated with leprechauns, the diminutive and often mischievous little folk of the country. Often depicted sporting green apparel and all manner of eccentric features (with a particular affinity for buckles), they are perhaps overshadowed…

Where do superstitions come from?

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EVER wonder why you knock on wood or feel nervous when the number 13 turns up in your life? In this lovely little animated short you’ll find some answers, as well as advice on whether you should start being more…

A Shape-Shifting Wolf In Texas

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NOW and again, a story will surface that is so weird it is very difficult to know what to think of it -- and particularly so when the witness comes across as being very credible, lucid, and not looking for…
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