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Russian offer

When you are under fire, and somebody offers to come to your aid, do you pause to find out who your rescuer is?

Of  course, not.

The descent and polite way is to acknowledge and accept the offer.

Under such siege situation, it is also common sense to do so. We cannot be choosy when under attack.

The operative principle should be: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

And so the Russian offer to help the Duterte administration fight terrorism and maritime piracy should be welcomed.

Two Russian navy vessels arrived in the country for a five-day goodwill visit led by Rear Admiral Eduard Mikhailov, and the deputy commander of the flotilla of Russian Navy Pacific fleet.
The anti-submarine vessel Admiral Tributs and sea tanker Boris Butoma docked on Tuesday at Pier 15 South Harbor in Manila.
During the Russian navy’s visit, they would showcase the anti-terrorism capabilities of the said warship.
“We are ready to demonstrate the equipment of the Russian navy during our current visit and also at the exhibitions all over the world,” Rear Adm. Mikhailov said.
“For example, some of them took place in Jakarta where Russian arms industry offered weapons and military equipment which could be of interest for the Republic of Philippines,” he added.
Russia is positive at conducting maritime drills with the Philippines to fight international terrorism and piracy.
Mikhailov said they are prepared to join the joint naval drills should it be agreed upon by the heads of state of the two nations.
“We hope that this question will be solved in the nearest future at the highest level. The level of the commanders-in-chief and we will take part in joint exercises. We as naval officers need that without any doubt. First of all, it means learning from each other and most importantly all of it is aimed at protection of interests and sovereignty of our states especially here in the tense Asia-Pacific region.”
Mikhailov stressed that they would not meddle in local affairs in terms of its military relations with the United States or with the Russian navy.
Nonetheless, they are ready to aid the Philippines in any manner it would need it.
President Duterte has previously expressed the Philippines’ objective to bolster relationships with Russia, and the possibilities of procuring firearms from Russia following the dent in the ties between the Philippines and the United States.
In December, Defense Sec. Delfin Lorenzana and Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay flew to Russia to meet with their Russian counterparts in step with the possible cooperation between the two countries.
Meanwhile, the two Russian navy vessels would remain in the country until January 7.