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Duterte book takes RP by storm

  • Written by Mario Fetalino Jr.
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THERE’s a book that was recently launched and is creating a stir in the public. In fact, the soft-launching of the book, Duterte Chronicles: The Storm from Davao, shook the Manila Hotel recently.

Written by Edwin Cordevilla and published by Eastern Divergence, the new book became a curiosity and the main talk at the Manila Hotel Café Ilang-Ilang with crowds queuing to get a glimpse of the copies that were not yet for sale at the time.
The first printed copy of the book was received by the “storm” himself, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, at the Rizal monument in Luneta who gamely posed with the new book that chronicled his ascent from Davao to Malacañang.
Spotted during the soft launch was former president and current Manila City Mayor Joseph Estrada, Knights of Rizal Los Angeles Commander Sir Henry von Segfried, Department of Trade and Industry Assistant Secretary Ameenah Fajardo, National Parks and Development Committee Executive Director Penelope Diaz Belmonte, former party-list Congressman Omar Fajardo and many more who received their respective complimentary copies.
Of course,   Duterte got the first one.
Cordevilla, known for his poetry epic Ten Thousand Lines Project for World Peace (2013) and also author of Phoenix and Other Poems (2000) and The Occasions of Air, Fire, Water, Earth (2012), and co-author of coffee-table book Marikina: Kapuri-puri Ka (2002), said he’s quite happy about the people’s reception of the book.
Its publisher is now getting orders from all over the country, especially in Mindanao and from overseas Filipino workers from as far as the United States and Qatar.
Businessman and philanthropist Raffy Garcia financed the book project from conception, writing to its eventual publication.
The book is not just about  Duterte, but about the Filipino people, their place in history, their aspirations and regrets in the past, the challenges they face today as the rest of the world rapidly march towards an uncertain future.
The Storm from Davao mainly uses the Duterte phenomenon as a case study to present to modern-day readers the natural and synthetic variables with the potential to collaborate and unleash a social storm, the very political force responsible in catapulting Duterte from virtually nowhere in 2014 to Malacañang in 2016.

It is a recommended excellent read for various professionals and communicators, as well as to teachers and students of history, mass communication, political science, business, literature and philosophy.

The Storm from Davao is also an exhibition of the poetic Cordevilla, although this time, in prose.
The book is currently available at the Solidaridad Bookshop on Padre Faura in Manila and orders may be coursed via the publisher’s email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
This corner is one of the lucky few that received a free copy of the book. I intend to finish reading it as soon as possible as I also want to know more about the leader who’s bringing a lot of reforms in our country.
I wrote about Duterte’s strong leadership in Davao some three years back and even said in that piece that the former mayor could be a top contender for the highest position in the land because he can make things happen.
Because of that story, I received countless messages from all over the country supporting my opinion. But of course, that was three years ago and it was just an idea. I didn’t know then that Duterte would become our president via a phenomenal victory.
I guess Cordevilla’s book would answer some of my questions about this globally acclaimed Filipino president.

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