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Duterte must be wary of mayors; Aristocrat praised

  • Written by Itchie Cabayan
  • Published in Opinion
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Once again, President Rodrigo Duterte has warned local officials whom he said are on his ‘final list’ of suspected drug personalities.  He said they must either resign, turn their backs on illegal drugs totally and mend their ways or be killed. 

If he was accurately quoted, this was what Duterte reportedly had said: “Tatawagin ko ’yung mga mayor, i-lock ko, kami-kami lang. Sabihin ko talaga, ‘Ganoon kakapal ’yung ‘pinakita ko sa inyo. Hanapin mo ’yung pangalan mo diyan, mayor. P…ina, ’pag nandiyan pangalan mo, may problema ka….Either you resign or make a clean break of everything, come up with clean nose and we’ll talk.”  
President Duterte also did not mince words that he does not mind even if he goes down in history as a president who was a murderer or a  butcher, saying he will let the people be the judge.
Likewise, he vowed to take away certain privileges from the said mayors who are involved in the illicit drug trade such as supervisory powers over the police and having security detail.
In saying so, Duterte opined that some mayors could be using their power of having a say on who should head the police in his area of jurisdiction so he could operate on illegal drugs freely. Since the mayor also has the option to change the police chief who gets in the way of his corrupt, money-making schemes, the police chief is likely to kowtow to him along with the latter’s subordinates.   
Duterte should be careful to make sure that the original list -- remember he had been talking about the said list even before he assumed office -- had not been edited to suit the interests of some who are likely to benefit from those who had been edited out.
I also hope he would not be misled and be wary enough of certain local officials who are reputed to be behind illegal drugs proliferation and yet try so hard to cover their tracks by projecting themselves as ‘drug busters.’
It’s quite easy. All that one has to do is review the track of the said officials to find out if he really has a genuine, sincere history of working against illegal drugs or just suddenly got involved in anti-illegal drug actions after Duterte took over the presidency.
If I were Duterte, I would be harder on these ‘overnight drugbusters’ not only for lying to the public through their ‘praise releases’ but more importantly, for insulting his intelligence, thinking that he (Duterte) is that stupid to buy their act.  
ARISTOCRAT STAFF SERVICE COMMENDED-- A balikbayan friend ate at the Aristocrat Restaurant on Roxas Boulevard recently, to have a taste of the good, old barbeque and kare-kare which happen to be his favourites.
More than the food itself, my balikbayan friend heaped praises on the kind of service he experienced from the managers and waiters who took care of his needs at that time.
He particularly lauded his waiter John Bernard Magcalas, management trainee Jonathan Pangan and most specially, the manager, Christopher A. Villanea, whom he said was very amiable and accommodating.
He said not only were they quick to attend to his every need, they were also very patient and friendly, even exerting efforts to check on him from time to time if there was anything else he needed, just like what they did to other customers like him.

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Jokjok (from Joseph Cabrera of San Ildefonso, Bulacan) -- Amo: Lintik na shampoo ‘to, ayaw bumula.Inday!! Halika, nga dito! Bakit ayaw bumula nung shampoo na binili mo? Peke ba ’to?/ Inday: ’Di po sir, ah! Sa kilalang supermarket ko po binili ’yan!/Amo (inilabas ang ulo sa pinto ng banyo): Eh bakit nga ayaw bumula?/Inday: Eh sir naman, ayan o! ’Di pa basa ang buhok n’yo! Panong bubula ’yan?/ Amo: Eh tanga ka pala eh. Nakalagay kaya dito ‘For Dry Hair!’   

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