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Who wants a snake in his own backyard?

  • Written by Mario Fetalino Jr.
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THE rating of Vice President Leni Robredo slid in the latest Pulse Asia poll. The drop was a substantial seven points for  her trust rating.

Robredo is under fire from  critics who believe she’s conspiring with Liberal Party stalwarts to get rid of Duterte following her resignation as Housing chief.

The poll held from December 6 to 11 showed trust in Robredo falling by seven points to 58 percent from 65 percent in the previous September survey. Her trust ratings also fell in every geographic area and in every social class.
Robredo got a rating of 51-percent in NCR, 53-percent in Luzon, 64-percent in Visayas, and 66-percent in Mindanao in these geographic areas.
The former congresswoman from Bicol and wife of the late DILG Sec. Jessie Robredo received a rating of 47-percent from Classes ABC, 60-percent in Class ABC, 60-percent in Class D, and 56-percent in Class E.
Further, the biggest loss was recorded in Luzon where her trust rating fell by 12-percent and in class E where she fell by 16-percent, despite having majority trust ratings in the identified area and class.
Also surveyed was President Duterte whose ratings also fell but not substantial.
Pulse Asia said  “the only notable changes in these officials’ trust ratings between September and December 2016 is the drop in the national trust score of Vice-President Robredo.”
The survey, conducted via face-to-face interviews with 1,200 respondents, had an error margin of +3 points for national percentages.
Respondents probably didn’t like a vice president unsupportive of the president who gave her cabinet post. They also resented reports Robredo leaking out sensitive Palace information to her political party which is bitter to Duterte.
Nobody wants to keep a snake, no matter how pretty the face is,  in his own backyard.

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Traditional movie outfits  should now rise to the challenge of making quality movies so that they could share in the triumph of the next film festival.
A lawmaker made such call after traditional movies came short of  meeting the  criteria  in last year’s successful MMFF.
There was sense in saying that the recent MMFF is not a festival of indies. The Selection Committee simply did not see the traditional entries fulfilling the criteria.
There must be relevance and meaning on movies.  As the lawmaker puts it, “It is now incumbent upon the traditional production outfits to make movies reflecting Filipinos’ rich history, values, and culture and arts which is the very purpose of the festival.”
The top eight films in the 2016 MMFF bested 27 entries that were all submitted in final form. Actual films were made and shown before the selection committee unlike before when only scripts were given.
It must be noted that part of those screened included mainstream movies and perennial entries like Mano Po of Regal Films, Vice Ganda movie series and Enteng Kabisote Adventures of Vic Sotto. It’s just unfortunate they were not selected by the body.
The selection committee is composed of well-meaning, independent members with integrity and unquestionable character. They are also experts in their respective fields like the academe, film industry, arts and culture.
The present MMFF promotes the welfare of the entire Philippine movie industry. Improvements were made to pursue quality films whether mainstream or independent, according to Quezon City Rep. Winston ‘Winnie’ Castelo.
The lawmaker, who described last year’s successful holding of the MMFF as the birth of a new era in Philippine motion picture industry, lauded the selection committee for its efforts in  choosing the ‘cream of the crop’ among the entries.
He said the selection committee was true to the  intention  to produce quality films and help the industry and not for commercial purpose and income driven activity.
He called on the body to sustain its feat as the movie/making industry plays a vital role in society. Movies have a great influence on people and the reforms we set in place for MMFF are designed to give them worthy entertainment that inculcate values to mold them into better citizens, he added.
Earlier, Sen. Tito Sotto filed a measure calling for a separate festival for indie films as he complained that last year’s MMFF excluded traditional movies including the one produced and starred by his brother Vic Sotto.
Critics say Sotto’s  move was disgustingly self-serving. 

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