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Heart healthy cholesterol foods

YOU’VE probably heard about the health effects of good and bad cholesterol. Almost all comfort foods including at fastfoods  contribute to increasing your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

We all know that eating hamburger, French fries, oily and fatty foods may cause your bad cholesterol level to increase. However, there are certain foods, though they raise your (good) cholesterol, have heart health benefits.

The secrets to healthy eating are moderation and balancing your intake of fatty acids (omegas).

When you encounter the word Monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) and Polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) in food products, they are the good cholesterol and are safe to eat.

MUFAs are found mostly in fruit, nuts, and wheat products while PUFAs are typically found in corn products, sunflower products, and fish oils.
If you want to eat cholesterol, consider these foods:
* Shrimp. Although shrimps have some amount of LDL, it has enough HDL to combat its negative effects due to the naturally occurring fish oils. Salmon and tuna are also great sea-dwelling sources of HDL (high-density level). Just throw out the head and clean the back (black lining) of the shrimp.
* Avocado. Many are saying avocado is too rich in cholesterol. Yes, that’s true. The cholesterol in avocado helps raise your HDL and effectively combats bad cholesterol.
* Eggs. Not only do eggs possess good cholesterol, but they also possess tons of other nutritious properties. This is definitely one of those foods to keep a stock of at home.
* Olive, peanut, canola oils. These oils have great levels of heart healthy cholesterol. You can get wonderful results when you use them for cooking.
* Almonds. While other tree nuts also have some traces of good cholesterol, almonds have the most. Replacing unhealthy snacks, like chips, with a handful of unsalted, raw almonds can make a difference in your heart health.
If you always eat these foods (in moderation) they will help you maintain peak mental performance, increased energy and stamina and excellent health.