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EB’s Newest Sweetheart

  • Written by Jet D. Antolin
  • Published in Women's Journal
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Franceska Toro Franceska Toro

GOOD things happen to those who wait.

Cliché as it may sound, but 22-year-old former Ms. Earth 2014 Puerto Rico Franceska Toro didn’t stop dreaming and let the positive energy of the universe draw closer to her.

Right after the Miss Earth pageant where she won numerous awards, Franceska was showered with more blessings including an international modeling stint, product endorsements, and a hosting job in her country.

She came back to Manila, to fulfill her Ms. Ever Bilena title, where she signed an exclusive contract and became the newest endorser of EB Advance.

Franceska is an amazing lady who embodies today’s generation with her bubbly personality and her love for adventure and enjoyment. “What an exciting way to start 2016,” gushes Franceska, in an interview before the product photo shoot.

She adored Ever Bilena products the first time she used the beauty brand. She particularly loves the quality and the effect of the Mascara Duo with a Silicon Brush because it lengthens and plumps lashes with its double formula for that full dramatic effect.

“I love a lot of EB products because of its high quality and affordable price. It’s of high quality at a reasonable price. I also love the Lip and Cheek Stain which I can use as blush for that natural glow on my cheeks. I highly recommend these products for the young generation. EB people have a high sense of fashion and quality, and it is visible with their products.” she proudly said.

Another product that she loves is the EB Advance Brow Kit and the Supreme Lipstick because it stays on the whole day. “Oh, I also love the BB cream, and BB Compact. You can play with all the products and it stays amazingly beautiful,” Franceska says.

“I’ve got deep appreciation of my EB family who made me feel special and part of the family. It was nice bonding with them at work where I built memories that [I] will never forget in this lifetime.” Franceska adds.

Franceska was blessed with extraordinary opportunities and experiences. She discovered the sphere of modeling and beauty pageants when she was still a teenager which opened the doors for the young stunner to join beauty pageants and winning title, including Puerto Rico Top Model and Miss Mundo Puerto Rico, Ms. Earth’s version in their country.

Winning those pageants still came as a big surprise to her for what she initially intend was to just have fun, meet people, collect memories and experiences with other candidates and places they’ve been. “Winning the pageant was of course the main goal, but I don’t put pressure on myself [on winning] I just let people see the real me and for me, that worked.” Franceska reminisces.

“I hate negativity. I don’t entertain it because if I do, I won’t grow as a person. I just want to be an inspiration to the younger generation who have a big dreams like mine when I was their age,” she quips.

Franceska loves to hang around with good hearted people, and who doesn’t? She shares that she is sometimes called the’ psychologist’ by her friends because of her sensible advice she gives to her friends whenever one has a problem. “Life is too short to let negativity come into our lives,” she added.

And it is not surprising if Franceska possesses a happy and positive disposition in life since she grew up in a blissful environment. “We are down to earth people. My parents raised us to be humble and be myself all the time. We came from the bottoma, nd the perseverance of my parents is the formula to where they are now. They taught me to be strong at life’s difficulties and, I guess, they have the reason to be proud of for I believe they did a great job of raising me and my sibling,” she said.

The Latina beauty didn’t find it difficult to adjust to the Philippine culture and its people. “Everybody is so accommodating and I really didn’t feel I’m away from home because of their hospitality. I know I’ll be back again here. It’s like my second realm,” she admits. She is now trying to learn Tagalog so she can communicate to more people without intimidating them and be more at ease with them. It seems like she’s on the right track, with her early favorite foods like kare-kare and caldereta.

Asked if she wanted to enter the local show business just like the former Ms. Universe and Puerto Rican Dayanara Torres, Franceska says that she’s not closing the doors to more opportunities. “I’d love to try anything that will enhance my personality and in our country, we all look up to Ms. Dayanara Torres. She’s an icon and an inspiration for the beautiful things she’s done for our country and I would love to follow her footsteps.”

With the fame and glory that’s been happening in Franceska’s life, she never forgets to look back on what makes her feel content - and that’s spending her most precious time with her family. “I want to disconnect from the world without my mobile phone, perhaps, and just spend quality time with my family. That’s how I value my family. I can trade everything with anybody for them,” Ms. Franceska shares.