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Imelda Pechera: Model Mom with a Heart

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Dark moments happen to the best of us, but that doesn’t mean the world would  collapse and stop spinning.

Tough mama Imelda Pechera, lost her husband ten years ago, leaving her  with three young kids and a starting business. Though she was trained by her late husband in handling the production, including machine operation with the help of her operations manager, she knew she would face challenges head-on – alone.

A newbie in the business field and a young mom, big responsibilities  overwhelmed Pechera and selling the company was one of her options.

However, her passion in helping other people prevailed. After lots of prayers, Pechera decided to move on and start working.

“I realized this was my husband’s legacy and I wanted to remember  him every time I go to work. I worked slowly and cautiously until I learned the  ropes in handling our business. God is really good,” this young-looking mom  says.

“I was devastated when my husband passed away. I knew from the start  that I would be facing big challenges in handling our business and taking care of  my family all by myself. But I didn’t lose hope. With my knowledge and a help

from my trusted staff, here I am. Our company is my biggest accomplishment,”  says Pechera, president of Iship Logipack, a manufacturing company of reusable corrugated plastic boxes, pipes and joints assembly system.

“I remember working eight hours a day and would still take care of my little children,” Pechera says.

Having lost her husband early followed a fear of dying young and not be  able to see her kids grow or play with her grandchildren, Pechera decided to  pursue a clean and healthy living and goes to her doctor regularly for check up.

She plays golf, runs, climbs mountains and eats healthy food. “I already  climbed Mt. Apo, Mt. Pulag, Malarayat, Pico de Loro and there are other  mountains I wish to climb. I also joined a 21K marathon and that experience  made me proud of myself,” she said.

She also hits the gym at least three times a week, making her a gym rat and does boxing to maintain her slim figure.

The health buff mom says she has no beauty secrets or rituals in taking care of herself. She believes living; thinking and doing healthy stuff will make  good on her and will reward her well being “A stress is a no-no. Don’t stress  yourself over little things that you can’t change. Think of good things towards life  and other people and you’ll feel good about yourself,” she said.

She went to say that one shouldn’t take life seriously. “With all the   problems surrounding us, sometimes it’s ok to commit mistakes but never make  the same mistake twice. Learn from your mistakes because the lessons learned from it will serve as an anchor to make one a stronger person.” “Live life to the  fullest since we only live once. Have a good relationship with the Lord,’ she adds.

Wonder how this ever busy mom has started her day? Pechera will say a  prayer after waking up and ask for enlightenment for a long day ahead at her  office. A devotee of Mother of Perpetual Help, Pechera goes to Baclaran ever  

first Wednesday of the month for novena and spiritual guidance.

She goes to work every day, but still manages to instruct her team at home for the things to be cleaned or repaired. Like a loving mother to her kids, she still finds time to hang out with them. “I still hang out with them at the mall.

They are my precious and as much as possible I spend time  with them in my free time. They are my stress-reliever and I feel secure when

we’re all together,” said the doting mother.

Pechera achieved her dreams having her late husband as inspiration along with her growing children, but it’s not all walk in the park, she’d faced challenges and bumps along the way,but her sheer determination in attaining her goal remains on top of her priorities.

She encountered lots of troubles before she achieved success. “Being the  leader, I would address the problems like what a professional leader does. I  made steps to solve the difficulties that benefited the welfare of the majority.

On her entrepreneurial spirit, Pechera shares that knowing your product to a T and believing in it would mean success. Dedication and good relationship with staff and workers remains the basic ingredients to success and a surefire hit to reach that goal. “Don’t promise your clients with things you can’t deliver. Honesty and sincerity is the key to having loyal and satisfied patrons. Without these two, you’ll never go places,” she quipped.

Of course bashers are present, but the lovely lady says they seldom receive complaints because they give their 100% to every client and the quality of every product remains high.

Now that her dreams are fulfilled, another undertaking is in full swing as  Pechera and her team is providing a comprehensive education to less fortunate  children who wish to continue their education.

“In our simple way, we have adopted a school in Laguna to be a beneficiary of my company. Dubbed ‘Tulong Aral Charity Donation’, this is our way of giving back the blessings we received from God to cash-deprived youths,” Pechera says.

From darkest moments, the sun really shines in this simple, sweet,  generous and God-fearing lady. Truly, this single mom has a backbone made of  steel and a heart made of gold.