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Jasmine Curtis-Smith: Aiming for the Major League

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Jasmine Curtis-Smith Jasmine Curtis-Smith

As we all know, Aries-born Jasmine Curtis – her birthdate: 6 April 1994 in Melbourne, Australia– is the second youngest daughter of Filipina Carmencita Ojales and Australian lawyer James Ernest Curtis-Smith. Aside from her older sister Anne, she also has a younger brother named Thomas James, who is still studying in Australia.

During her first stay in the Philippines, she studied at St. Paul College in Pasig before leaving in 2005 to return to Australia, where she finished her elementary and secondary schooling. She graduated high school at Loyola College in Watsonia, Melbourne. Upon graduation, she returned to the Philippines to pursue a full-time career in showbiz, as well as pursuing a full-time university course. She is currently taking up AB Communication at the Ateneo de Manila University as a freshman.

Curtis first came into public notice during her vacations in the Philippines visiting her sister Anne, and it was not until mid-2010, when she appeared in ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show Showtime that networks began pushing to sign her on. In December of  2011, Curtis signed an exclusive three-year contract with TV5 and was being groomed by the network to be one of its Primetime Princesses. In an interview after the contract signing, she mentioned that she felt really happy to have finally settled in TV5 and appreciated the network’s decision to allow her to balance her studies and her showbiz career. In 2013, she signed another 3-year contract with TV5.

Curtis’s first miniseries for TV5 was a television remake with JC de Vera of the 1991 Philippine action-romance film Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum, which was topbilled by Robin Padilla and Vina Morales. Some of the scenes in the series were shot in Curtis’s native Australia. In 2012, she played the role of Epifania “Anya” Dionisio in Nandito Ako, where she co-starred with Eula Caballero as Holly Posadas and American Idol season 7 runner-up David Archuleta as Josh Bradley.

In 2013, she starred in two films: Puti, a psychological thriller, where she played Nika; and Transit, where she played Yael, an Israeli-Filipino child of an Overseas Filipino who faces deportation. Transit was the Philippines’ entry to the 86th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. Curtis was also on the cover of various magazines in 2013, including Candy, Mega, and with sister Anne the cover story of the Philippines’ maiden issue of ¡Hola!.

Quite busy these days but Jasmine Curtis-Smith managed to have

a few Women’s Journal’s questions answered… 

WJ:  What are your roles in the TV5 programs you’re doing now? Please describe the character as per storyline.

JCS: I have Lexi in Panday right now, which I haven’t started taping for yet but her character is strong- willed and independent. She is one to fight for what she believes is right and will eventually help Panday in his battles.

There is also Izabel in Forever Sucks – she’s a vampire who tries to live a normal life by working in a call center but she ends up falling in love with her Team Leader. She’s quirky and fun and just tries to fit in.

WJ:  How do you psyche up to play the role?

JCS: For Lexi, I’ve taken two classes of self-defense and from there perhaps do more role-specific workshops for fighting scenes so that I look more legit  in my part.

For Izabel, I simply just have fun with the role and let it play out naturally. Her story kind of needs more reality than a whole fictional feel, so I don’t stress about how she’ll develop. I feel like it’ll play out on its own.

WJ:  In previous projects, what was (were) the role(s) that really challenged you acting-wise, and/or that you had the most fun?

JCS: To this day, Yael in my film Transit has been the most challenging because I had to speak a whole different language while still also being a newbie in the acting industry. It was definitely worth it all in the end. So no regrets. I am also definitely having a lot of fun as Izabel.

WJ: Given that we all look forward to the future, are there roles or projects that you would “wish” to play? Dream roles?

JCS: I want to play a psychopath. And a bonafide bitch, not your bratty maarte ones.

WJ:  Who are the three persons that inspire you most in doing what you’ve been doing?

JCS: Mom, Ate, Manager Betchay Vidanes.

WJ: Who are the other good actors that you may want, if possible, to be in the same project? Why?

JCS: Vilma Santos, JM de Guzman, Irma Adlawan, Mon Confiado

WJ:  As it is said that we all get to have our “fifteen minutes of fame,” where do you think you are now in this period of your lifetime?

JCS: I think that right now, I’m at that stage where I am honing the skills for the paths that I want to focus on. I want to develop a deeper understanding of my craft and the business that goes with it. It feels like a growing period rather than a discovery.

WJ:  How do you see yourself, say, five years from now?  Still in showbiz... or doing something else outside the entertainment industry?

JCS: Five years from now, I’ll be 26. Hopefully, still as happy as I am now with a few businesses that can keep me going. I’d love to still be acting, in the major league of films. Perhaps producing also, something in the field behind the lens.

WJ:  Personally, what’s your fashion style?... What’s your beauty regimen?... How do you keep fit and healthy to meet the physical and mental demands of your career?

JCS: My fashion style is really whatever goes and feels good. I don’t like being uncomfortable as it makes me look it too. My beauty regimen is really just moisturizing and slapping on sunscreen when the rays are too strong. I wash my face when I get out of bed and before getting back in. I keep healthy by trying to workout at least 3 times a week and avoiding anything that’s too salty or full of fat. I admit I don’t always stick to my diet but a little taste of sin always makes me feel good, all in good proportion.

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