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Jessy Salvador: A young lady with big dreams

  • Written by Jet D. Antolin
  • Published in Women's Journal
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Jessy Salvador Jessy Salvador

Behind the sweet smile and innocence of this lady hides a ferocious desire to give her family a stable life away from harm and iniquity.

Eighteen-year-old model Jessy Salvador is a typical teenager with big dreams devoted to her mother and siblings. She was only nine years old when her father Ross Rival of the prominent Salvador clan, and a former matinee idol in the 60s, died. It was hard, but her mother — proved to be an epitome of how strong a woman should be — fierce and gutsy — qualities she passed on Jessy, helped them move forward with the struggle to live a decent life.

Jessy, a Viva artist and currently the face of Kokuryu Cosmetics, looked upon Angelina Jolie as one of the women who has been her biggest influence in life because of her love for children and other advocacies.  “I really adore Angelina. I love strong women because they serve as my inspiration in pursuing what I wanted to be in the future,” says Jessy.  Alongside Angelina, another woman of substance that she truly holds in high regard is Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach. “She didn’t give up. Kahit nakailang beses na sya sa competition. That’s fighting spirit and sheer determination to win as the most beautiful woman in the universe and I love her for that.”

Only the unconditional love for the family is what this lady persists to chase her journey. “My ultimate dream for my family is to provide them a blissful life. “Gusto ko silang iahon sa hirap (I want to give them comfortable life). I want a house for them. A house that I can call my home,” Jessy adds.

When she’s not working and just snuggling at home, Jessy finds console in playing games on her mobile phone or watching cartoons while binging on her best comfort foods — chocolates. “I really love chocolates, who doesn’t?  Kahit anong brand. They  are my stress busters after a hard day’s work. I could easily eat a pack of chocolate in one sitting. And if I can have a spare money to splurge, I will buy a sports car and lots of chocolates,” the lady with a huge sweet tooth says in jest.

On a serious note, Jessy admits that whenever she misses her dad, she can’t help but shed tears. “I have lots of fond memories with my Dad. I remember when I was just a kid, I would volunteer to massage my Dad every time he comes back home from work  and that was fun. Now that we’re celebrating Father’s Day, I always looked back to the memories that we once shared and I always cry. Ganun talaga, hindi ko mapigilan. Sinasabi ko na lang na tyak masaya sya para sa akin ngayon,” she claims.

Jessy started her modeling career when she emerged as the Campus Role Model Philippines in 2013. She is is being co-managed by talent manager Richard Hinola.    

Jessy being a younger half-sister of actress Maja Salvador is also a good dancer and a singer. She recently inked a contract with Viva and is now a part of TV5 programs.  She says Maja is a supportive ate who always gives her advice on what to do. They always tell me to stay grounded and be respectful to everybody. “Aside from giving me pieces of advice for being a newbie in show business,  my Ate Maja is so generous financially and with other material things. She’ll give me clothes and shoes,” Jessy proudly shares.

Now that Jessy is slowly but surely entering the local showbusiness, she is all praises to Maja for the love and support she gets but points out that she’ll never use her sister’s name to gain stardom. “ I have no intention of riding with the popularity of my sister. I want to make a name of my own. Yung talagang pinaghirapan ko at hindi yung nakikisakay lang ako,” says the young talent.

As a young model, Jessy is the perfect endorser of Kokuryu and she is very thankful to the people behind the cosmetics company “I am so proud that I’ve been chosen by the Kokuryu management again to be the face of their cosmetics line. I’m on my third year as an endorser and I’m glad that because of Kokuryu, I’ve been to places that I’ve never been to. People will approach me to have a picture with them. Nakakataba ng puso. I’m so proud of these products because it’s been tested and trusted by many people for generation and I was lucky to be chosen to advocate it,” Jessy says.