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Let Pure Beauty Emerge “Pure Beauty by Junca”

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Hair Master

A few days before the shoot of this editorial feature, I had the chance to witness a true master at work. Covertly looking through the blinds of Junca salons VIP suite, I was amazed at how absorbing it was, watching Hisayuki Nagatome cutting the hair of a client. To cut hair is mundane, seeing Nagatome in his element doing the same is sublime. For a moment I felt that I was unintentionally disrupting a sacred space and felt almost deliberate I had to glance somewhere else. In the course of the hair session, the junior stylist’s of Junca salon all watched as the master wielded his hands and in the process impart knowledge, very much like the Japanse tradition of sensei and apprentice.

When I conjure Nagatome, I see his hands first. His impossibly precise hands. The slender fingers and the grooves of his knuckles. I marveled at how those hands were able to work with such grace and precision. They would encompass his patrons and with a few brisk touches and nearly theatrical flicks of his fingers and shears the client is transformed.

I shall forever see his hands, their exactitude and assuredness and delicacy and benefit. All that Nagatome is all that Junca will be.

Juncalogy Revealed

Junca is a Japanese word that literally means “to purify”. Sometimes you need to strip things back to reveal its true beauty, the Junca signature treatments demonstrate the power and affinity of Japanese aesthetic technology and subtlety.

Junca Amino Acid Treatment

Each of the treatment explores a unique approach, complemented by Junca’s signature products. With the Junca philosophy, we are asked to look not just at the superficial but to discover more than one definition of beauty.

Junca Hydrogen Treatment

True beauty radiates from within. It is this natural quality that should define the woman (or man). This is the philosophy of Junca, a true hair visionary.

Sarah Carlos on Beauty

Bursting with the same energy that she delivers as a MYX vj, Sarah arrives at the shoot. She took time greet the entire team with a handshake and her super cute smile. Sarah talked to the beauty team about her look for the shoot. When her time came to be in front of the camera, it was a sight to behold. As the hours went by, Sarah kept things lively by joining in on chats with the team asking how everyone was; Her cheerfulness, as everyone agreed was, positively beautiful.

We asked Sarah Carlos on her definition of true beauty.

“Beauty allows people to notice you. But beauty should surpass the superficial. Its what’s inside that matters, you have to dig deep to reveal true beauty,” she imparts.

text and art direction by Bing Manlapig Santos, photographed by Lyka Orhel,  hair by Hisayuki Nagatome of Junca Salon Group,

assisted by  Archi Tugonon, Rose del Rosario, Carol Diaz, Jesille Penilla, Rex Mahilum,  outfits by Elizabeth Que of Iconique Clothing