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Pretty Newcomer Shy Carlos Is 2016’s ‘Tasya Fantasya’

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Shy Carlos Shy Carlos

From the ranks of today’s most promising young stars, Shy Carlos pulls away from the pack just as easily being gifted with one of show biz’s most beautiful face and undeniable talent in acting and singing.

This year, the 20-year old Swiss-Filipino actress from the VIVA Artists Agency stable gets the biggest break of her career as she plays the title role in the iconic Tasya Fantasya series, which premiered on TV5 last February 6.

Tasya Fantasya is a series original from the creative mind of Carlo J. Caparas, about an ugly but kind-hearted yaya who dreams about her prince charming. Tasya later finds out that her fate is entangled with that of a magical tree that will lead her to a series of colorful adventures.

VIVA’s Veronique del Rosario-Corpus says, “The role of Tasya Fantasya’ seems to be cut out for Shy. The character exudes what we see in her – kind, imaginative, youthful, wholesome and pleasant. We didn’t have any doubts that Shy will be able to give justice to this project.”

The role of Tasya’s leading man in the series is being played by Mark Neumann, who, interestingly is half-Croatian and is considered as TV5’s Kilig Prince.

Shy’s Tasya Fantasya will be the third rebirth of the iconic komiks character, having been played by Kris Aquino in 1994 and by Yasmien Kurdi in 2008. When asked how she will tackle the role, Shy simply quips “I haven’t seen the movie and the GMA show. I hope to play the role in a different way.”
Shy, who did around 20 commercials when she was a child, appeared in some shows from the top three networks before clinching a place in the all-female group Pop Girls along with Nadine Lustre.
She also had a stint in the Star Cinema movie Para Sa Hopeless Romantic where she realized that comedy is a genre that she is very comfortable with. Shy is also part of VIVA Films’ Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin, which opened recently in theaters nationwide. She co-starred with Maricel Soriano and Herbert Bautista in the episode Shake, Shaker, Shakest.
Unlike most young show biz stars today, Shy gives premium on her education. While she also works as a VJ for the music channel MTV Pinoy, the young actress is still in school as a junior student at College of St. Benilde, taking up Consular & Diplomatic Affairs.
She will be the first to tell you that she is not what her name suggests. “I am not shy. Otherwise I will not be in show biz, right?” quips the engaging and outgoing young head-turner.
From the looks of it, 2016 is going to be the year where Shy Carlos’ star will reach higher heights in the local show biz industry. Just wait and see.
Tasya Fantasya also stars Freddie Webb, Ara Mina, John Lapus, Candy Pangilinan, Giselle Sanchez, AJ Muhlach, Kim Molina, Jasmine Hollingworth, Malak So, and many more.

About Shy Carlos

Schirin Grace Sigrist is Shy Carlos’s real name. A Swiss-Filipino actress, model and singer, she is best known for her roles in the television remake of the Bagets film series Bagets: Just Got Lucky as Gayle Fresnido, Annaliza as Bianca, and in Be Careful With My Heart as Joni. She was also a member of Viva Entertainment’s all-female group called Pop Girls. Eventually in 2011, she and co-artist Nadine Lustre left the group to start their separate solo careers. She is also a VJ for the music channel MTV Pinoy.

Carlos started singing and dancing at the age of 10 and has done several television commercials at the age of 4. In 2008, she was also one of the supporting cast in Codename: Asero as Agent Pigtails. After being part of the youth-oriented T.V series Bagets: Just Got Lucky of Viva Television and TV5, she and Nadine were temporarily replaced by Carlyn Ocampo and Aubrey Caraan. Around this time she began using the professional screen name Shy Carlos.

Carlos also guested in some episodes of Maynila (My Gimik Girl episode) and Maalaala Mo Kaya (Wedding Booth and Diploma episodes) and performed in Hey it’s Saberdey! and Sunday Funday. She starred in the comedy fantasy series Kapitan Awesome as Dina Lang. She was also introduced in the film A Secret Affair of Viva Films. She also appeared in the cable teen gag show Wapak and participated in When the Love is Gone as Chloe.

In Star Cinema’s movie Past Tense, she was paired with Daniel Matsunaga. in  Para Sa Hopeless Romantic as Jackie Reyes, the best friend of Rebecca and love interest of RJ –  starring alongside her fellow Viva artists James Reid, Nadine Lustre and leading man AJ Muhlach. After Para sa Hopeless Romantic, Carlos stared in the horror film Chain Mail.

Now she is the lead role in the remake of the fantasy-romance drama Tasya Fantasya as Tasya / Prinsesa Anastacia – played before by Kris Aquino in 1994 and Yasmien Kurdi in 2008 – which is currently airing on TV5. 

WJ’s Qs and Shy Carlos’s As

Women’s Journal (WJ):  What is your role in the TV5 program you’re doing now? Please describe the character as per storyline.

Shy Carlos (SC): Tasya is a young helper who is in love with her childhood best friend who also happens to be her employer’s son. She finds her situation to be difficult but finds refuge in a magical tree that fulfills her fantasies

WJ:  How do you psyche up to play the role?

SC: The most important thing to do is to get to know the personality of the character you’ll be portraying. So, I make sure to read the whole script from beginning to end before showing up on tapings.

WJ: In previous projects, what was (were) the role(s) that you really challenged you acting-wise, and/or that you had the most fun?

SC: I will never forget my experience while filming for Chainmail. Horror isn’t exactly the easiest genre, but I got through it with the help of our amazing director and my co-actors.

WJ:  Given that we all look forward to the future, are there roles or projects that you would “wish” to play? Dream roles?

SC: I’d love to do action an action film.

WJ:  Who are the three persons that inspire you most in doing what you’ve been doing?

SC: I get my inspiration from my family and friends. They are the ones who remind me that I can achieve all the things I want as long as I do my best and don’t give up. 

WJ:  Who are the other good actors that you may want, if possible, to be in the same project? Why?

SC: I would really like to work with John Lloyd Cruz. I think he has proven a lot in this industry and it would be a great opportunity for me to learn from someone who has already had a long experience in acting.

WJ:  As it is said that we all get to have our “fifteen minutes of fame”, where do you think you are now in this period of your lifetime?

SC: I feel like I’m not yet there, but for me, it’s more than fame. It’s my dream. Though I feel that doors are opening, I’m not there yet, I’ll work the hardest that I can to get there.

WJ:  How do you see yourself, say, five years from now?  Still in showbiz... or doing something else outside the entertainment industry?

SC: Hopefully I would still be in the showbiz industry, but if not, I can see myself as an entrepreneur.

WJ:  Personally, what’s your fashion style?... What’s your beauty regimen?... How do you keep fit and healthy to meet the physical and mental demands of your career?

SC: I don’t have a particular fashion style, but I like to mix-and-match basic pieces and wear something I’m comfortable with. For me, the best beauty regimen is to keep yourself hydrated. Also, never forget to put on sunblock!

According to the Stars, Shy Carlos

Has a Keen Sense of Humor

Women’s Journal asked psychic Maria Ulansa Tagarao to take a peek at Shy Carlos’  personology based on her birthdate of March 16, 1995. Here is her Sun-Moon (ego-emotion) make-up according to the zodiac Stars:

Schirin Grace Sigrist (Shy Carlos’ real name) is able to put her intuitions over and to bring them to bear logically on her life. She is a good judge of people, with an absolute determination of the correctness of her judgments. Once she is determined about the inner worth of a person, nothing he can do, however erratic or unreasonable or reprehensible will shake her faith in him; she understands him from the inside out, and she is willing to let him work out his own problems in his own way.
She believes that “to understand all is to forgive all,” and though she is a harsh judge when she estimates a person to be fundamentally unsound, she is equally lenient when she knows that the core of his being is sound. Her tolerance is specific rather than universal, intellectual rather than emotional, for she applies to her intuitions a high degree of logic and common sense by which she can make them plausible, both to herself and others. This integration of facts felt and facts known gives her a quiet self-assurance which rises from the working together of her mental and emotional natures; these are not generally found at variance with each other.

She doesn’t find herself doing by impulse things of which she disapproves; and though she may do things of which others disapprove, she has a great reason of her own why she is all right.

Her conscience is a real force, but, as she is tolerant of others she is also tolerant of herself, and though she won’t often stray from the beaten path, when she does, she does it calmly and without excitement – with a quiet conviction that she is acting according to some code or other, which she may have made up for the occasion, but which is very real and definite to her.

But, by and large, she will have a conventional, orderly, and understanding life. She has a keen sense of humor, laughing readily, which may not give an accurate impression of her fundamentally serious nature.

She is amused by life at the same time that she is acutely conscious of its underlying tragic implications. But this consciousness does not interfere with her enjoyment. She has a private litany of faith, a sort of exclusive metaphysics of her own, by which she weaves together apparent contradictions into the integrated philosophy by which she lives and estimates life. This position is mildly good for business activity of the non-executive variety, and also for such creative works as calls for accuracy, thought, and application, rather than inspirational creativeness. Makes good humorists and jokesmiths.