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Paul Izon Reyes: Aiming to Make Rufo’s a World-Class Brand

INTERVIEW BY RENE S. BISQUERA “Tapsilog”, the staple Filipino breakfast food of fried beef strips, egg and rice is the star dish of Rufo’s Famous Tapa. This restaurant, which started out as a small “carinderia-type tapsihan,” now has 22 branches…

Fruits, veggies cut kidney medication costs to half

KIDNEY disease patients who eat three to four more servings of fruits and vegetables every day could lower their blood pressure and nearly halve their medication costs, new research suggests. The findings stem from the multi-year tracking of a small…

Fight cold, flu with red bell pepper

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WITH cold and flu season slowly sneaking in, anybody could catch the virus and it is inevitable in people with weak immune system. The best defense is to load up the immune-boosting vitamin – either popping a vitamin C pill…

Avoid adding lemon slices in your drink

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YOUR iced tea drink looks healthy with slices of lemon in it or a slice of lemon at the rim of your drinking glass. Think again. Those wedges could have a significant number of bacteria that may cause illness or…

Health-friendly carbo

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NOT all carbo may ruin your health or figure. A recent study showed that some carbohydrates are friendly and are considered age-defying too. Scientists believe that eating more whole grains might help you to live longer. They suspect that the…

Imelda Pechera: Model Mom with a Heart

Dark moments happen to the best of us, but that doesn’t mean the world would collapse and stop spinning. Tough mama Imelda Pechera, lost her husband ten years ago, leaving her with three young kids and a starting business. Though…

Healthy drink choices

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MANAGING diabetes involves balancing what you eat and drink with physical activity and medicine. Food often takes center stage when it comes to diabetes, but beverages can also affect your weight and blood glucose. This is the reason why diabetics…

What to eat and avoid during rainy season

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THE damp and flooded conditions caused by heavy rains and monsoon carry a host of germs and diseases, cause irritated bowel or gastro intestinal problems and even diarrhea. People with weak immune system including the elderly may easily be compromised.…

Easy ways to prepare healthy lunch

PREPARING lunch can be tedious especially for working moms or parents. But if you have stocks of canned tuna or chicken, vegetables and healthy flavorings in your kitchen, you can make and prepare easily healthy lunch for the family. Here…

Let Pure Beauty Emerge “Pure Beauty by Junca”

Hair MasterA few days before the shoot of this editorial feature, I had the chance to witness a true master at work. Covertly looking through the blinds of Junca salons VIP suite, I was amazed at how absorbing it was,…

Natural ways to get rid of uric acid crystals

ACIDIC and high protein foods increase the acidity in the body, raising the levels of uric acid thus resulting in gout, joint pain, and uric acid crystallization. A sharp and throbbing pain in the left foot is the usual symptom…

Heart healthy cholesterol foods

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YOU’VE probably heard about the health effects of good and bad cholesterol. Almost all comfort foods including at fastfoods contribute to increasing your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. We all know that eating hamburger, French fries, oily and fatty foods…

Lower your GL with cabbage

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CABBAGE, one of the cruciferous vegetables, is often ignored, if not avoided by many because of its having some medication interactions. But generally, cabbage has more positive health benefits with its disease- fighting features than its side effects. Take for…

Healthy baon pack for school children

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SCHOOL time would also mean plenty of junk foods around – in school cafeteria and ambulant vendors. Children are easily tempted to eat junk and processed foods, overtime you will notice their health decline, getting lazy and become less active…
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