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7 fast-food crewmen banned at NAIA3 for using fake passes

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
  • Published in Metro
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FOR using fake airport security passes, seven crew personnel of a fastfood outlet at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 have been ordered banned  by Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Ed Monreal.

Monreal said the seven were banned after they were found to be wearing illegally-reproduced airport security access passes. They were Jones Bataller, Jarold Murillo, Mark Anthony Rementilla, Richie Lipio, Abygael Trisha Corel, Joemar Dulin and Mark Kevin Rosquites.
They were nabbed by airport police Marian Ramos and Rodrigo Astilla after they were found with fake airport security passes.
Last January 3, Rosquites was accosted by airport security guard Nica Envero for wearing an expired monthly pass which was  issued to one Kenneth Vargas, also an employee of McDonald’s.
Subsequently, the six others were apprehended by airport police members Marian Ramos and Rodrigo Astilla for using scanned copies of original monthly passes.
Irene Cano, supervisor of the airport ID and pass control office, submitted a certification to the airport police investigators that all the recovered airport security passes from the said crew were illegally reproduced and merely scanned copies using ordinary paper.
A copy of the findings will also be submitted to the airport business development and concession department (BDCD) to determine whether the McDonald’s food chain violated the concession contract with the MIAA.
Monreal ordered the ban on the said crew for breach of security.