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Peña accepts defeat but supporters cry irregularities, citing zero votes

  • Written by Jeffrey C. Tiangco
  • Published in Metro
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THE Binay dynasty continues at the political helm of Makati City as former Congresswoman Abigail Binay, daughter of Vice President Jejomar Binay, reclaims the seat that defeated Mayor Romulo “Kid” Peña Jr. snatched from her brother, Junjun, over graft charges.

But Peña’s supporters vowed not to easily give up the seat of power to another Binay, a name that they claimed have been tainted with many corruption allegations as they rule the city.

Hundreds of people in green shirts, the political color of Peña, last Thursday trooped to protest the supposed questionable victory of Binay and demanded for a recount of votes. 
Binay garnered 154,207 votes to dethrone Peña who got 138,208 votes.
Peña’s supporters were convinced that irregularities and manipulation of votes occurred, arguing that it is impossible for Peña to get zero votes from several clustered precincts in what are deemed as his bailiwicks.
“The fight is not yet over,” the protesting supporters chanted, adding, “We will stand for what is right.”
Peña, for his part, appealed to his supporters, telling them that he is okay and that he has already accepted his defeat.
He asked his supporters to cheer up, remain calm and avoid any violence as his camp is still studying the basis of the cheating allegations.
“I have served the city for a long time and a public servant, like me, has to face the reality. Whatever I have to face, I will face them wholeheartedly,” he said.
“To all of you, I hope I was able to serve as an example of a good leader to you. I hope that you were able to see me as a humanitarian, godly and always thinking the welfare of the people,” he said.
Abigail, the incoming mayor, on the other hand, described the move of Peña’s camp as a “sign of desperation,” adding that they could not just demand for a recount.
She also brushed off cheating accusations. 
“It seems that they do not want to respect the result of the election,” the newly-proclaimed mayor said.
Abigail, a former congresswoman, is the fourth Binay to serve as local executive. Her family members have held the mayoral post in Makati for 29 years from 1986 to 2015.