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Diokno’s claim on teachers’ pay hike misleading -- group

  • Written by Arlene Rivera
  • Published in Nation
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TEACHERS‘ group yesterday debunked the Department of Budget’s claim that teacher’s pay will reach P27,009 monthly this year.

According to Benjo Basas, national chairman of Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC), the statement issued by Budget Secretary Benjamin Diok­no using his formula is misleading.

“The statement of Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno in a TV interview must be a joke. In coming-up with such statement, one should employ the formula used by former Budget Secretary Butch Abad, a bad formula.

“The P324,962 annual compensation pronoun­ce­ment of Diokno in another DBM official statement translates to a striking P27,000 a month.

“This is no different from the P344,074 annual compensation for teachers, as promised by Abad a year ago. By getting the sum of all the salaries and maximum probable bonuses of a teacher in a year, teachers will earn an annual income of P344,074 beginning year 2019,” Basas said.
The group said the  National Budget Circular No. 568, issued by the DBM on Jan. 5, is a continuation of the Aquino administration’s policy of granting very minimal compensation to government employees, including the entry-level position of the public teachers.
The circular is intended to implement the second tranche of the EO 201 signed by former President Noynoy Aquino last year. And it will only provide an increase of P543 or a P15 higher than the increase in the first tranche.
The group urged Diokno to explain things in a more detailed and informative manner and not just basic Math for the purpose of propaganda.
Diokno should not also use his arithmetic to justify the measly pay increase of public school teachers and compare it with private teachers.