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Philconsa presses truth body creation

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Ferdinand Martin Romualdez Ferdinand Martin Romualdez

THE Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa) through its President and Chairman/CEO, Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez and Manuel M. Lazaro, respectively,   is urgently urging Congress to pass a law creating a Fact-Finding Body, with plenary powers, to investigate the tragic deaths of the 44 police officers of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Special Action Force (SAF) on January 25, 2015 in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.
Romualdez said the confusion created by questions left unanswered and vague statements in the House hearing, which was unexpectedly and mysteriously aborted, and in the Senate hearing continued in an executive session, underscored the need for an independent fact-finding body.
Philconsa is wary that the unadulterated and unvarnished truth about and the persons responsible for the dreadful deaths of the 44 PNP SAF troops may be jeopardized and obliterated.  Lazaro said “it is imperative   that any investigation  be conducted by a Body composed of apolitical personalities representing various sectors of society with plenary powers to investigate, inclusive of  the rights to issue subpoena, subpoena duces tecum, visit unrestricted  places, engage the services of lawyers, investigators and experts with power to declare persons in contempt,  to assure  impartiality  in the conduct of the  investigation.  The death of the 44 PNP SAF is a national humiliation and an international disgrace and shame.”
“The right thinking and honest Filipinos, especially the families of the heroic and  brave  44  PNP SAF,  are  dying  to  know  the truth   through free, independent and dispassionate investigation,” Lazaro said.   
Governor Tony Lopez said that “when the late Ninoy Aquino was assassinated, then Pres. Ferdinand Marcos created by law, P.D. 1886, a fact-finding board composed of representatives of various sectors of society, sans any political leanings”.  Philconsa recommends the fact-finding body should be composed of one nominee each from the AGFO, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Association of Law Deans and the CBCP.   
Philconsa Governors James Dy, Reynaldo Maulit and Nelia Gonzalez  said,  “the only acceptable justice for the families of the  44 PNP SAF who died  and the decent officers and members of the  Armed Forces and the PNP, whose integrity and loyalty to the country and people  were  tainted and doubted, is the result of the investigation  by  an independent and impartial body.”