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PNP releases more safety reminders for women

  • Written by Alfred P. Dalizon
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HERE are more Philippine National Police safety reminders that can help women fend off armed attacks and sexual assaults in the country while inside the confines of their homes or traveling in the streets.

PNP chief, Director General Ricardo C. Marquez said the safety tips are part of the PNP’s ‘Be informed, plan ahead and be safe’ program developed to prepare and equip the public with the necessary information in times of emergencies, disaster and other life-threatening situations.

The PNP leadership has stressed that while the police play a vital role in creating a safe environment, ‘every citizen must also develop his own safety core competency’ and this can be done by simply considering the safety tips that could save precious lives and properties, especially women and children.

Home safety

Secure your home. Always keep your doors and windows locked and evaluate the effectiveness of the locks. Never open your door to a stranger.
Don’t let a stranger get inside your home to use the phone. Make the call for him. Never admit that you or a neighbor is home alone.
Leave outside lights on at night and keep lights on in more than one room.
If you receive an obscene phone call, hang up. Don’t react.
The area outside your main entrance should be properly lighted so that there are no dark portions or shadows where a potential rapist can hide.
Ensure that your main door has a peephole so that you know who you are opening your door to. If a stranger is at your door, inquire why he is there and open the door only if you are completely satisfied with his answer.
Keep the curtains drawn as far as possible so that people cannot look into your home, especially after nightfall.
If you are not expecting any deliveries or any utility service people, do not open the door to such people. If you must, ensure that the safety chain is hooked in place. Always keep your doors and windows locked.
PNP spokesman, Chief Superintendent Wilben M. Mayor said the above tips should be taken into consideration by all people to prevent them from falling prey to witty criminals.
He said  persons victimized by these criminals may call or go to the nearest police station to file their complaint or dial DILG Patrol 117 or Text PNP 2920. Other numbers are the following: PNP National Operations Center: 723-0401 local 3623; the National Capital Region Police Office -- 838-1505; the Manila Police District -- 523-5611; the Quezon City Police District -- 921-5267/925-8417; the Southern Police District -- 810-2961 or 893-7484; the Eastern Police District -- 641-0171 or 641-0879; the Makati City Police Station -- 843-7971 or 887-4626; and the Northern Police District -- 287-3806 or 287-3425.
The PNP has reiterated its safety tips to safeguard women from armed attacks and sexual assaults in the country while inside the confines of their homes or traveling in the streets in the wake of several incidents involving women who have been robbed or raped by taxi drivers and their companions.
National Capital Region Police Office chief, Director Joel D. Pagdilao also reiterated his call on cab-riding Filipinos to use their cell phone cameras to help thwart crimes in the wake of a number of incidents involving women being attacked by criminals posing as taxi drivers.
The idea is simple: taxi riders especially women can simply snap pictures of the plate and body numbers of taxis they will be riding as part of the precautionary measures to stop robbery-holdups perpetrated by cabbies themselves and their cohorts in Metro Manila.
Pagdilao made the appeal in the wake of the ongoing investigation into some incidents involving women who reportedly were abducted, robbed or raped by suspects driving taxis in the metropolis.
Late last year, the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group headed by Director Victor P. Deona arrested a principal suspect in robbing and raping female taxi passengers along EDSA.
However, police have noted ‘copycat’ criminals masquerading as taxi drivers and taking advantage of their helpless female passengers especially during the wee hours of the day. Many arrests have been made in connection with these cases.