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‘New life’ for OFWs -- Rody

“Don’t hesitate to call me.”

This was President Rodrigo Duterte’s message to overseas Filipino workers from Saudi Arabia.

Duterte promised yesterday continued aid  for repatriated OFWs from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and give assistance to those who are still stranded.
Yesterday, the President  personally welcomed 128 OFWs from Saudi Arabia who lost their jobs because of the weakening economy of the oil-rich kingdom.
Duterte announced that he would give each of the 128 OFWs P5,000.
He promised the OFWs a new life in terms of various  government loans that would allow them to build small businesses.
“Makakahiram ka ng pera at makapag-start ka ng negosyo mo... Take advantage of it. It is for everybody,’’ Duterte told the OFWs.
The President said that he was willing to welcome the OFWs to the doors of Malacañang.
“If it spells hunger don’t hesitate to call me,” he said, adding that he is pushing to improve our economy so there would be no need for them to seek jobs abroad.
“Maghintay-hintay lang kayo. Bigyan mo lang ako ng konting panahon, ayusin ko ang ekonomiya at may opportunity for you to work here,’’ he said.
‘’We have the money, contingency, resources to do it,’’ he said.
The Philippine government estimates that at least 9,000 Filipino workers are affected by the slumping of oil prices in Saudi.