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Binay pledges job creation

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UNITED Nationalist Alliance (UNA) standard bearer Vice President Jejomar C. Binay said that he will create two million jobs each year or a total of 12 million jobs by the time he steps down in 2022. 

This can be done, Binay said, by setting aside seven percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) per annum for infrastructure development, opening the country to more investors and stopping government underspending.

“We will spend at least P950 billion to P1 trillion every year for infrastructure projects. Government spending will not only spur economic activity, it will also create jobs. Government will be one of the biggest employers in the country,” Binay said.
The Vice President added that he will bank on his experience as mayor of Makati, the country’s financial capital, in implementing job-generation measures.
“We did it in Makati. It must be done, and it will be done nationwide,” he said.
Binay said when he was mayor, the city government took steps to make the city more competitive, and attract more investments.
“By doing so, we created tens of thousands of jobs, provided free education and healthcare. We were able to do so because we collected taxes, used it for the welfare of the people, and moved Makati forward,” Binay said.
“My opponents will all say it cannot be done but I know it can be done on a national scale because I did it in Makati,” he added.
Binay said that one of his opponents has neither the necessary experience nor the executive ability to implement job-generation programs and activities. Another candidate, he added, will resort to killing the poor to cut down on government services.
The Vice President said the P1 trillion he will set aside for infrastructure is at least seven to eight percent of the country’s GDP. Binay said that the amount will be spent to build roads, bridges, airports, railways, seaports and other necessary infrastructure.
“Maraming sira at masikip na mga kalye, ganun din ang mga tulay, airports at seaports na nakakapigil sa mabilis na daloy ng kalakalan at paghahatid ng mga serbisyo sa mga kanayunan,” Binay said.
He added that the spending will ensure that the country will have “sustained, equitable and inclusive economic growth from 2017-2022."
Binay had also said that he will bring more foreign investment by relaxing economic restrictions in the Constitution and improving the business climate.
The Vice President added that he will stop the practice of underspending, saying the funds should he used to improve public services.
The Commission on Audit (CoA) said that the government had at least P2.1 trillion in combined savings from 2011 to 2014:
•  2011: P411.7 billion
•  2012: P333.7 billion
•  2013:P589.5 billion
•  2014:P850 billion
Binay said underspending had deprived Filipinos of better government services.
“Dahil sa underspending, maraming Pilipino ang naghihirap, panahon na po upang wakasan ito,” Binay said.
He previously said that he will spend government savings to ensure that Filipinos will have a better quality of life.