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Mind-conditioning in full gear -- solon

  • Written by Paul Gutierrez
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A party-list representative yesterday expressed concern that surveys are being used to condition the minds of the Filipino voters that administration candidates will win come May 9.

Following the release of the latest Pulse Asia survey conducted from April 26 to 29 for the presidential race which showed administration bet Mar Roxas edging out for the first time Senator Grace Poe to take the second position behind Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Abakada Rep. Jonathan dela Cruz said he is anticipating too that when the final poll results for vice presidential bets come out, there would be changes in the statistics.

“I will not be surprised to find that the final survey results this close to the election will show Senator Marcos’ statistics slipping as opposed to administration candidate Leni Robredo because after all, it is a grand conspiracy of the administration to change the mindset of the people,” Dela Cruz said.
He expressed alarm that the survey results “may only be the tip of the iceberg” and warned the public to be vigilant about massive disenfranchisement and possible fraud on election day which is not impossible for the administration since they have proven that they have no qualms in using government machinery to advance their campaign.
Dela Cruz lamented that throughout this campaign period, other candidates have been operating at a disadvantage since administration candidates have been blatantly using the government’s resources to campaign for their bets.
“Even in the early days of the campaign, we have been receiving reports that government facilities are being used to push the candidacy of administration candidates and as the campaign progressed, it became an open secret. It was actually validated by a recent Nielsen report tagging both Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo to be the biggest campaign spenders. Mind you, appropriating the use of government resources to advance a personal campaign is against the law,” he said.
According to the Nielsen Media report, Rep. Leni Robredo was the biggest spender on political ads among vice presidential contenders, buying P406.82 million worth of airtime from Feb. 9 to April 27, even surpassing her running mate Manuel Roxas II and two other presidential candidates.
The Nielsen Media report showed that the Liberal Party tandem of Roxas and Robredo was also the biggest spenders for TV ads, spending P83.87 million during the period. LP senatorial candidates also spent the most, buying TV ads worth a total of P1.73 billion.
“So my question is this, where are they getting the money to support their campaign? They are challenging other candidates to be transparent and project an image of being incorruptible but at the end of the day, they are the ones who are blatantly bending the rules in their favor,” he said.
“We must reveal our campaign donors and financiers, so the people may know who and how we are getting our money to finance our campaign. Kailangan nating malaman ano ba ang mga nangyayari at sino ba ang mga tao sa likod ng mga kandidato at kung kanino sila may mga utang na loob. Let us not be blinded by hype," he said.