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Wrong focus

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WASHINGTON -- The US-led campaign against the Islamic State group has scored a key victory, but Washington's narrow focus on the jihadists may have distracted it from the threat of wider war. Political fault lines are ripping open across the…

Spain to grab Catalonia powers as crisis worsens

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MADRID -- Spain will on Saturday take unprecedented steps to seize powers from Catalonia's separatist government after Madrid won powerful backing from the king and the EU in its battle to keep the country together. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will…

IS claims deadly attack on mosque in Kabul

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BEIRUT -- The Islamic State group said it carried out a gun and bomb attack on a Shiite mosque in Kabul on Friday that killed at least 39 people, including children. “The martyrdom-seeking brother Abu Ammar al-Turkmani... succeeded in immersing…

Mystery shrouds Nobel winner Neruda’s death

SANTIAGO -- International experts announced Friday that Chilean Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda did not die of cancer, but could not conclusively determine if he was assassinated by late dictator Augusto Pinochet’s regime. Neruda, a celebrated poet, politician, diplomat and bohemian,…


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Hillary slams Trump’s ‘dangerous’ war of words with N. Korea SEOUL -- Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slammed President Donald Trump’s “dangerous and short-sighted” war of words with North Korea Wednesday, saying his Twitter tirades only benefited Pyongyang’s…

‘Barbaric’ act

Maltese blogger who accused government of corruption killed by car bomb VALLETTA -- Daphne Caruana Galizia, a prominent Maltese journalist and blogger who made repeated and detailed corruption allegations against Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's inner circle, was killed by a…

Sex scandal

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump's campaign has been subpoenaed as part of a defamation suit for documents related to sexual assault allegations that emerged during his run for president, according to a court document. The lawsuit by Summer Zervos, a former…

Abe on course for landslide win in Japan vote: poll

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TOKYO -- Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is on track for a landslide win in Japan's upcoming election, the latest survey suggested Monday, as a new party founded by Tokyo's popular governor loses momentum. Abe's conservative Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is…

EU ministers close ranks behind Iran deal

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LUXEMBOURG -- Europe will give fresh backing to the Iran nuclear deal on Monday after US President Donald Trump threatened to tear it up in a belligerent speech that alarmed allies across the Atlantic. EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg…

Truck bomb kills 276

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MOGADISHU -- At least 276 people have been killed and 300 injured by a massive truck bomb that tore through a busy shopping district of Mogadishu, the government said Monday, making it the "deadliest attack ever" to hit war-torn Somalia.…

Rohingya boat sinks, 10 refugees drown

SHAH PORIR DWIP, Bangladesh -- At least 10 people drowned and dozens more are missing after a boat packed with Rohingya fleeing to Bangladesh sank on Monday, as another 12,000 people joined a half-million-strong exodus sparked by an army crackdown…

America alone

WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump has gambled with US diplomatic credibility by attacking an Iran nuclear deal that his European allies cherish as a benchmark for international cooperation. And in doing so the US president has underlined the risk that his…

'Hell on Earth': California fire toll rises to 38

LOS ANGELES - The death toll from California's raging wildfires rose to 38 on Saturday, with more than 10,000 firefighters battling 16 large blazes and 100,000 people evacuated, the state's fire service said. Around 335 square miles (864 square kilometers)…

Raging blazes

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SAN FRANCISCO -- The death toll from California’s wildfires rose to 33 on Friday as firefighters made some progress in containing the infernos but said intensifying winds were a concern. “We’re not out of this emergency, not even close,” said…
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