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Powerful quake hurts 39 in Japan ski resort

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TOKYO -- A strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake in central Japan left 39 people injured, seven seriously, and wrecked homes in a popular ski resort, the government said Sunday. The quake struck at 10:08 p.m. local time (1308 GMT) Saturday at…

Facebook ‘newspaper’ death blow to print?

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WASHINGTON -- Facebook’s move to fulfill its ambition to be the personal “newspaper” for its billion-plus members is likely to mean more woes for the ailing news media. The huge social network has become a key source of news for…

To cut or not to cut, that is OPEC’s question

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LONDON -- The OPEC oil producers cartel will hold one of its toughest and most significant meetings in recent years as, faced with sliding prices, its members must contemplate whether to cut output. Ahead of Thursday’s meeting of the Organization…

Crazed groundhog attacks

THE McGraths of Hampton, New Hampshire, are used to friendly critters stopping by their backyard, but a frenetic visit on Tuesday morning from their resident groundhog was anything but a welcomed encounter. Gary McGrath was unloading his truck when the…

Lunar project to be funded on Kickstarter

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A BRITISH company is hoping to raise enough money through crowdfunding to land a robot on the moon.Lunar Mission One is aiming to raise at least £600,000 for the developmental phase of a mission that would see a spacecraft land…

China building possible airfield in S. China Sea

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CHINA is building a massive island in the South China Sea that could host an airfield in an area where Beijing is locked in bitter territorial disputes with neighboring states, a US military spokesman said Friday. The vast land reclamation…

Miss Honduras slain while fleeing sister’s bf

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SANTA BARBARA, Honduras - Miss Honduras was fatally shot as she tried to escape her sister’s jealous boyfriend, police and reports said Wednesday, hours after the siblings were found dead beside a river. Maria Jose Alvarado, 19, who had been…

Does Russia have a secret weapon in orbit?

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SPECULATION is rife over the purpose of a secretive Russian spacecraft currently orbiting the planet. The object has been gaining the attention of both space agencies and amateur satellite-watchers due to its unconventional orbit and because to date nobody has…

Will dolphins fight the next cold war?

AS the climate for another Cold War heats up in Ukraine, rumors are flying, make that swimming, that the U.S. Navy is sending the destroyer USS Donald Cook to the Black Sea with a fleet of trained dolphins to take…

Woman sleeps 5 years with dead mom

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POLICE in Germany said a woman who spent five years sharing a bed with her mother’s mummified corpse has been sent to a psychiatric institution. Munich police said the woman’s neighbors told the building manager they were concerned because the…

G20: Ambitious economic goals or hollow promises?

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PARIS -- G20 leaders have set ambitious goals for raising global growth, but economists see them as mostly hollow promises as countries are too busy with their own problems to contribute to rekindling global recovery. At their weekend summit in…

Obama orders hostage policy review in wake of beheadings

BEIRUT -- US President Barack Obama has ordered a review of how Washington can release American hostages, as intelligence agencies investigated the involvement of Western jihadists in the beheading of aid worker Peter Kassig. The announcement of the review came…

Japan cuts Antarctic whale quota

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TOKYO -- Japan said Tuesday it has cut its Antarctic whale-catch quota by two-thirds in a move it hopes will convince international opponents it is conducting genuine scientific research on expeditions in the region. The International Court of Justice —…

Mysterious condition makes boy never hungry, thirsty

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LANDON Jones is a 12-year-old boy with a very unusual condition: He never gets hungry or thirsty. The boy, of Cedar Falls, Iowa, noticed something was wrong when he woke up on Oct. 14, 2013, feeling dizzy and suffering from…

Peaceful end to sea rows pressed

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US, Japan, Australia urge respect for int’l law BRISBANE, Australia -- The US, Australian and Japanese leaders on Sunday called for peaceful resolutions of maritime disputes, a day after Barack Obama warned of the dangers of outright conflict in Asia…
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