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US naturalist eaten by anaconda and survived

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NEW YORK -- When naturalist Paul Rosolie wanted to focus attention on the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, he decided he needed a stunt guaranteed to get people looking. So the staunch environmentalist offered himself as dinner to an anaconda…

U.S. makes failed rescue try

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Al-Qaeda kills hostages as US tries dramatic rescue bid in Yemen ADEN -- Al-Qaeda militants in Yemen killed two hostages — an American and a South African — during a pre-dawn gunfight as US special forces came agonizingly near to…

New Yorkers denounce killings of black men

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NEW YORK -- New Yorkers took to the streets Saturday in further protests to denounce a spate of killings of unarmed black men by white police officers as relatives buried a 28-year-old father of one. Despite heavy rain, dozens of…

This woman produces no trash

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LAUREN Singer doesn’t come off as an environmental evangelist. She’s unassuming when she speaks, and doesn’t raise an eyebrow when you admit that you eat meat or drink water out of disposable plastic bottles. She even wears a black leather…

Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind

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THE world famous physicist believes that artificial intelligence could pose a threat to our existence. The idea of building an intelligent, sentient machine has been explored in books and movies for years, often with devastating results. In popular film franchises…

Shark captured jumping during surfing contest

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A BUDDING photographer from the New South Wales mid north coast has captured what she describes as her “Oh-my-God moment”, with a shark leaping out of the water during a local surf contest. Steph Bellamy was at Macauley’s Beach on…

Pope risks Islamic ire with terrorism appeal

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VATICAN CITY — The pope’s suggestion that Muslims are not doing enough to counter terrorism may increase tension between the West and Islam, but it reflects sincere concern in the Church over the issue, Vatican experts said Monday. In what…

Hunger striking studes want talks with HK gov’t

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HONG KONG -- Hong Kong student leaders on hunger strike said Tuesday they want to force the government into further talks as the pro-democracy movement finds itself in crisis following violent clashes with police. Joshua Wong, the teenage face of…

Ebola consequence feared

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WASHINGTON -- The World Bank said Tuesday that the fallout from the deadly Ebola pandemic will push Guinea and Sierra Leone into recession next year. With the disease still not under control in West Africa, the cost to the two…

Pope in symbolic visit to mosque

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Pope Francis reflects at Blue Mosque in Istanbul ISTANBUL -- Pope Francis stood alongside a top Islamic cleric in a moment of silent contemplation at Istanbul’s Blue Mosque on Saturday, as he visited the former capital of the Christian Byzantine…

Ebola toll nears 7,000 — WHO

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GENEVA -- Nearly 7,000 people have died from Ebola in west Africa, the World Health Organization said late Friday, adding some 1,200 more deaths to a toll from two days earlier. A total of 16,169 people were infected with Ebola…

US universities battle scourge of campus rape

WASHINGTON -- Last spring, emails written by members of American University’s Epsilon Iota fraternity were leaked, revealing to a horrified public the strategies — from manipulation to outright drugging — the brothers used to get sex. The messages from the…

Obama walks tightrope

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WASHINGTON -- Barack Obama’s election as the United States’ first black leader raised hopes that his presidency would serve as a platform for work to bridge the country’s still dangerous racial divides. But, as his cautious response to clashes between…

Flights cancelled, diverted as Japan volcano erupts

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TOKYO -- Flights in Japan were cancelled or diverted on Thursday to avoid a cloud of ash and smoke spewing from an erupting volcano in the south. Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways warned passengers of “a number of cancellations…
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