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Trump era begins

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump assumed power Friday with a fiercely nationalistic vow to put “America first,” taking a stinging swipe at the legacy of his predecessor hours after reciting the oath of office. Hundreds of thousands of people stood…

Climate change not new US government’s priority

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NEW YORK -- US President Donald Trump signaled a sharp break on energy and the environment policy Friday, announcing plans to undo climate policies and promote domestic energy development as part of his “America First”” agenda. A statement on the…

‘A disgrace to humanity’

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PARIS -- Terrifying, hideous, racist, atrocious and a “disgrace to humanity”: Protesters around Europe pulled no punches in reacting to Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president on Friday. Around 500 activists gathered at the US embassy in London where placards…

Trump inaugural

WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States Friday (US time) — capping his improbable journey to the White House and beginning a four-year term that promises to shake up Washington and…

‘Dump Trump’, say Philippine protesters

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MANILA -- Hundreds of Filipinos converged on the US embassy Friday to denounce Donald Trump ahead of his inauguration as president of the United States, accusing him of sexism, racism and xenophobia. Chanting “Dump Trump”, the protesters from leftist groups…

Trump will fail — Soros

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DAVOS, Switzerland -- Billionaire George Soros on Thursday delivered a scathing assessment of Donald Trump, calling the US president a “would-be-dictator” who is “going to fail”. On the eve of Trump’s inauguration in Washington, Soros said Trump was “gearing up…

A-listers join anti-Donald protest

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NEW YORK -- A-list celebrities joined several thousand protesters on the streets of New York on Thursday night to demonstrate against Donald Trump on the eve of the incoming Republican president’s inauguration. Hollywood actors Robert de Niro and Alec Baldwin,…

No honeymoon?

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump and the media are digging in for what could be a long and bitter war. The president-elect, who has spent much of his campaign at loggerheads with the mainstream press, has been sharpening his attacks, and…

Climate science bedeviled by ‘tipping points’

PARIS -- Of the many things that keep climate scientists awake at night, tipping points may be the scariest. To start with, these thresholds for deep, sometimes catastrophic change in the complex web of Earth’s natural forces, caused by man-made…


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DAVOS, Switzerland -- The global elite begin a week of earnest debate and Alpine partying in the Swiss ski resort of Davos on Tuesday, in a week bookended by two presidential speeches of historic import. One will be by Xi…

Turkish police catch nightclub gunman

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ISTANBUL -- Turkish police were questioning Tuesday the suspected jihadist who slaughtered 39 people on New Year’s night at an Istanbul nightclub, after capturing him in a raid on a residential area of the city after a long manhunt. The…

MH370 plane search halted

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SYDNEY — The deep sea hunt for missing flight MH370 has been suspended after nearly three years without result, the Australian, Malaysian and Chinese governments said Tuesday. The Malaysia Airlines aircraft disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on…

Who is Trump?

Trump: The unlikely president, symbol of rising populism WASHINGTON -- In the early hours of November 9, Donald J. Trump stepped into an overheated room in a midtown Manhattan hotel, surrounded, as always, by members of his family. His youngest…

Protest rally

WASHINGTON -- Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration, but hundreds of thousands of protesters are also expected in Washington next week to vent their frustration over his election win. Demonstrations are scheduled across the…
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