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Veggie-sardines with Miswa

Ingredients:¼ cup cooking oil¼ cup garlic, chopped1/3 cup Sibuyas bumbay, chopped7 cans sardines in tomato sauce12 cups water2 tsp Iodized salt½ tsp Black pepper ground10 cups Upo, cubed7 cups Cabbage, sliced4 thin rolls of Miswa, separated20 pcs chicken egg, hard-cooked, shelledDirections:* In a pan, heat oil. Sauté garlic, onion, sardines…

Meals to offset processed junk foods

TEENAGERS today are very much active than before as stress in school and other curricular activities are doubled. Stress in exams is ever greater and more threatening as studies and learning capacity of students increase. Teen life is really exciting, but stress with acne breakout and other hormonal upheavals bring…
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