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Global Internet Privacy Study Reveals Consumers’ Conflicting Views

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EMC Corporation released the findings of the EMC Privacy Index, a global study assessing consumer attitudes of online privacy.
Spanning 15 countries and 15,000 consumers, the study reveals consumers hold viewpoints on privacy that vary widely by geography and the type of activity engaged in while online.
The conclusion? People want benefits of technology without sacrificing privacy. Three privacy paradoxes emerged, each with powerful implications for consumers, businesses and technology providers:
* We Want it All Paradox: Consumers said they want all conveniences and benefits of digital technology, yet say they are unwilling to trade privacy to get them.
* Take No Action Paradox: Most said they take virtually no special action to protect their privacy.
* Social Sharing Paradox: Users of social media sites claim they value privacy, yet they say they freely share large quantities of personal data.
The EMC Privacy Index confirms people behave differently depending on the type of activity, which can be categorized with a number of online personas (or “Me’s”), each with different attitudes towards privacy.
Viewpoints on privacy vary wildly by persona. For instance, viewed through the lense of the citizen persona, respondents showed the greatest willingness to forfeit privacy – to gain protection or for easier and more efficient online access to government benefits. Meanwhile, their “social” persona claims to be the least willing to give up privacy for greater social connectedness.
The study is instructive for consumers, businesses and technology providers. For consumers it reinforces the need to increase their awareness of privacy issues and to take personal action to protect their own privacy. For businesses, the imperative is to understand the range of customer perception. Critical to helping businesses deliver on their commitment to privacy protection are technology providers, which need to find ways to improve privacy across their offerings without compromising user experience, performance or capability.
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