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1000 Delivery Riders receive #WelcomeHomeSafe Experience From New Ariel Hygiene Pro

Safe Deliveries with Ariel Hygiene Pro #WelcomeHomeSafe

With the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 8 million Filipinos are exposed to the risks of infection as they go out every day to provide for their households’ needs. Among the essential workers at risk of daily exposure are delivery riders. In fact, according to Nielsen IQ, online shopping in the Philippines have soared to 325 percent, to lessen the risk of exposure in procuring essentials.1

But behind every online purchase is delivery rider who risks his or her safety to keep you safe at home.

#WelcomeHomeSafe Deliveries

As one of the biggest courier services in the country, serving thousands of Filipino homes, Ariel partnered with J&T Express to provide one thousand riders with #WelcomeHomeSafe packages containing the new Ariel Hygiene Pro.

Since the start of lockdown, J&T rider Edison Awa, 31, washes his daily uniform with Ariel, 3-4 times a week to protect himself and his family. He shared, “Masasabi ko na kampante ako sa linis na bigay ng Ariel Hygiene Pro dahil sa subok na magaling sa pagtanggal ng dumi at germs ang Ariel. Masaya ako sa partnership na ito dahil kami ay nabigyan ng libreng produkto ng Ariel. Ito ay lubos na makakatulong sa aking pamilya hindi lang sa paglalaba, pati na din sa pagiging malinis at protektado.”

With Ariel Hygiene Pro’s triple deep clean technology, every rider’s uniform gets the ultimate clean experience delivered via AntiBac booster formula that removes tough stains, 99.9% of germs and viruses.

“We are grateful that J&T Express is a part of this collaboration with Ariel Philippines in recognizing the hard work of our delivery riders. Despite the challenges that delivery riders faced during this COVID-19 crisis, they have shown resilience and dedication to fulfil their job without any hesitation. Thus, they truly deserve to be protected and safeguarded from viruses especially as they get home from work,” shared Zoe Chi, Vice President of J&T Express.

Everyday Heroes Meet Atom Araullo Live

And just like our hardworking J&T Express riders, there are thousands more everyday heroes that Ariel wants to give the #WelcomeHomeSafe experience to.

Ariel Hygene ProLast July 26, Ariel gave recognition to a hundred essential workers who shared their heartwarming stories in line with the #WelcomeHomeSafe campaign. The event was hosted by Atom Araullo, Ariel’s newest brand ambassador, where he gave special prizes to five lucky winners live during the show.

After a long day of deliveries, riders look forward to arriving home safely to their families. Ariel aims to protect Filipino delivery riders and all other essential workers so they can be #WelcomeHomeSafe everyday as they go home to their families from outside exposure.

You and your family deserve the #WelcomeHomeSafe experience, too. Protect the people you love most from stains, germs and viruses that may stick on their clothes with Ariel Hygiene Pro today. Shop Ariel products through Lazada or Shopee. For more updates, follow Ariel Philippines on Facebook.

1 “Pinoys seen to still do online shopping post-Covid”, BusinessMirror.

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