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11 Best Games Where You Have to Run a Company and Make Money

In life, it is difficult to make money in real time. Fortunately, you can practice with small sums using a betting bonus or even for free thanks to these games. Choose what you like: to become the head of the zoo, prison, skyscraper, or colony on Mars.

Transport Fever 2

Build a Transport Fever empire: Move men and cargo in trains, cars, ships, and planes. Lead the way on logistics and economy from 1850 up to the present day.

Prison Architect

A prison is also a business. Prison Architect is a full-fledged economic strategy with an in-depth system of development, construction, and management. The player’s responsibilities include a full list of managerial jobs: finances, human resources, risks, clients, etc. At first, even a savvy and understanding strategist will get a little confused after looking at the number of tabs and options available at the beginning. In addition, you are not limited in any way in the design.

Game Dev Tycoon

You start out in a small garage with 70K of money. With proper diligence, your money can be multiplied and you can move out of the garage and into a spacious office. Once the name of the player and the name of our company we can begin. The very first thing we are allowed to do is to create your first game.

Once the player has decided on the genre of the game out of the five proposed: action, adventure, RPG, simulator and strategy, and chose the theme of the future project of several open, begins development itself. in her 3 stages, where you need to adjust the runners depending on what we want to get.

Offworld Trading Company

Resources on Earth are dwindling. Enterprising people have gone to Mars in search of wealth. Become the industrial tycoon of the planet with the most formidable weapon of all – the market.

Planet Zoo

Build and manage the largest zoos in the world. Take care of your pets and the impression of the visitors, because the income and destiny of the zoo depends on them.

The plot in Planet Zoo is a tutorial, and the individual missions are just an opportunity to collect bronze, silver, and gold stars. The tutor characters are nicely voiced, but after a while they become annoying with their contrived cordiality and boundless love for the world around them. Doing quests is useful for learning the basics of the game but understanding the economic system and creating visual masterpieces is much harder.

Project Hospital

Become a doctor, an architect, and a manager at the same time. Sign contracts with insurance companies, carry out examinations, and buy equipment. And remember, the budget is not rubber.

Startup Company

Make the best website in the world to compete with the biggest tech giants. Try to become the most expensive company in history with the coziest office.

Little Big Workshop

Imagine that a magic factory appeared out of nowhere in your room. A meticulously designed masterpiece, where hard-working workers can create anything customers want. Make rubber ducks and dressers, drones and electric guitars, scooters and other marvelous goods out of various materials and sell them for money – currency that can be invested in the factory to get new machines and workers or expand your business.

Industry Giant 2

Welcome to the USA, 1900. The economy is growing, the stock market is crashing, oil is becoming the new gold. It’s time to build your industrial empire and conquer the country’s markets.

Project Highrise

You are the manager of a skyscraper. Develop it, and you will have a waiting list of people who want to live and work there. Make a mistake and the tenants will flee in terror, leaving your reputation and budget in ruins.


Immerse yourself in the era of the first billionaires of the United States. Start from scratch and become a shadow ruler. Look for profitable companies, negotiate with shareholders, take over competitors and dominate the market.

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