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12 Customs ports exceed Nov. collection goal

Twelve of the 17 collection districts of the Bureau of Customs have surpassed their collection targets for November.

The BoC said it collected some P44.691 billion last month with a surplus of P2.47 billion or 5.85 percent.

The November target collection is P42.221 billion.

The 12 ports that have exceeded collection are the Port of Manila (P4.66 billion posting a surplus of P245 million); Port of NAIA (P2.99 billion surplus of P283 million); Port of Batangas (P12.07 billion surplus of P1.95 billion); Port of Cebu (P2.58 billion surplus of P96 million); Port of Tacloban (P222.39 million surplus of P19 million); Port of Surigao (P6.36 million surplus of P5.2 million).

Port of Cagayan De Oro (P2.47 billion surplus of P40 million; Port of Zamboanga (P450 million surplus of P71 million); Port of Davao (P2.62 billion surplus of P141 million); Port of Subic (P2.43 billion surplus of PHP135 million); Port of Clark (P159.19 million surplus of P16 million); and Port of Aparri (P133.41 million surplus of P68.6 million).

The recent collection surplus recorded the Bureau’s consistent and positive monthly collection for the sixth month since June 2020 despite the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

It added that since January 2020, the BoC collected P493.324 billion, reflecting 97.47 percent of the 2020 target collection of P506.150 billion.

Meanwhile, the Bureau reported that Port of Clark has recently destroyed expired medicines, cosmetic products without government health approval, and various abandoned goods.

According to District collector Ruby Alameda, the 4,146 kgs. of goods were condemned last November 24 at Trece Martires City, Cavite.

The items include expired medicines, food supplements, cosmetic products, expired foodstuff, etc., which were imported without the necessary permit/approval from the Food and Drug Administration as required under Section 117 of Republic Act 10863 or the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act.

The condemnation activity was conducted in accordance with Section 1145 of the CMTA and facilitated by the Port of Clark Auction and Cargo Disposal Unit headed by Venus Juico in the presence of representatives from the FDA, Commission on Audit, Enforcement, and Security Service and Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service.

The BoC did not provide the amount of the condemned goods.