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2 students nabbed for harming cop

TWO young men who happen to be students are now in deep trouble after harming, cussing at and berating a Quezon City cop who tried to pacify them as they were said to be making too much noise while reeking of liquor within a neighborhood on Road 3, Fabie Estate, Sta. Ana, Manila.

Suspects Rogelio Bontoc, of 2574 Cromium St. and Jefferson Gumapos, of No. 2152 Road 13 both of San Andres Bukid, Manila, were nabbed by responding policemen Patrolman Cristopher Dayto and PCpl. Rommel Bonifacio of the San Andres Police Community Precinct (PCP). Both suspects are 21 years old.

Their companions Rommel Gramos, of Eloriaga Street, San Andres Bukid and Matthew Cosme, of Road 15, Fabie Estate, Sta. Ana, Manila, eluded arrest.

In his complaint, victim PCpl. Christian Colina, 28, of 2163 Road 3, Fabie Estate, Sta. Ana, said the incident occurred at around 4:30 a.m.

The suspects were said to be having a drinking spree when the cop and his housemates were awakened by the suspects’ loud conversation.

Makati City Pabakuna

Colina got out of the house, introduced himself as a policeman and then asked the suspects to keep their voices down as they were disturbing the peace and people were already asleep.

Instead of apologizing and heeding the request, Bondoc hollered, “p….mo ka badoy kang pulis” after which he attacked the cop, wounding him in the neck.

When Gramos boarded his motorcycle to flee, Bondoc reportedly shouted, “Sige sagasaan mo na yan!”

Bondoc and Gumapos were nabbed when policemen responded to the scene to aid the victim.

Charges of direct assault, breach of peace and drunk disorderly conduct before the Manila Prosecutors’ Office.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight