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2021 IYF Online World Camp | Day 4 – Morning Session

IYF Wordl Camp 2021

Today is the fourth day of the camp, and hundreds of students are participating in the 2021 IYF Online World Camp with the theme “The world connect”. It is indeed a great connection because this morning begins with energetic performances from the music duo Rio Montana followed by two congratulatory messages from Hon. Mar-Len Abigail S. Binay, Mayor of Makati City, and Hon. Rexlon T Gatchalian, Mayor of Valenzuela City. The cultural dance (Asili) also promotes happiness and exchange with the students, further, Mr. Jim Rogers who is a notable speaker this morning gives his message to encourage the students “to find what they love to do, to find their passion, to find what they love to do, to lead their country, and to learn foreign languages as many as they can because the world keeps on changing” according to him. Moreover, the world’s best choir the “Gracias Choir” enthralls the world camp participants with the harmony of musical instruments and world-class vocals. Finally, Dr. Rev. Ock Soo Park speaks about the youth is able to receive a true change when he realizes that he cannot receive change by his own efforts. The world of hearts teaches people that people can only change once they hear the words of Jesus just like the man with an infirmity for thirty-eight years, when Jesus saw him lying, he tells him “Rise, take up your bed and walk”. The man is able to walk immediately. In addition, Rev. Dr. Ock Soo Park teaches the youth around the world about this precious world of hearts through the words of God.

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