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318 drug personalities held, 33 convicted in R4

THROUGH the intensified campaign against illegal drugs, the Provincial Police Office (PRO) 4A has arrested a total of 33 illegal drug personalities in just a week, provincial police PIO chief Police Captain Marry Anne Crester N. Torres said on Thursday.

Based on data of the Regional Investigation and Detective Management Division (RIDM) 4A, on December 25-31, 2020, 318 drug personalities were arrested last week: 30 are on probation, three were released after sentence served, and 33 were convicted via Plea Bargaining Agreement.

The strengthened anti-illegal drugs campaign of PRO4A is one of the thrusts of PRO4A Regional Director, PBGen Felipe R. Natividad that aims to offer a second chance and new life to the arrested drug personalities.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight