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350 SRR teams deployed to typhoon-ravaged areas in Northern Luzon

Camp Aquino, Tarlac City – In the onslaught of Typhoon Egay in the Northern Luzon Region, the Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) swiftly mobilized a total of 350 Search, Rescue and Retrieval (SRR) Teams to aid the affected communities.

To address the urgent call for assistance, NOLCOM promptly deployed 1,992 highly-trained SRR personnel, 813 Civilian Active Auxiliary, and 197 reservists across the vast area of NOLCOM.

Drawing on the military’s resources, NOLCOM is actively utilizing essential assets, including 158 mobility assets, 27 naval assets, and Two (2) air assets, to conduct critical Search, Rescue, and Retrieval operations.

“Swiftly reaching and aiding those affected by Typhoon Egay is our top priority,” emphasized LTGEN FERNYL G BUCA PAF, Commander of NOLCOM, AFP. “We are tirelessly working to provide assistance, relief, and support to the affected communities during this challenging time”.

NOLCOM‘s Disaster Response Units continues to work hand-in-hand with the local authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of those impacted by natural disaster.

As the recovery efforts continue, NOLCOM remains dedicated to supporting the affected areas and providing aid wherever it is needed most.

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