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4 No to Low-Cost Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Brand Awareness

Businesses spend years building a well-established reputation in the market. All gained trust from their audience. All they did was start to build brand awareness for their potential clients.

Building a brand reputation is not as easy as it seems, but some businesses were successful in doing so. Putting that in mind, you too can make your business one of the best among millions of other brands.

First, you have to have golden marketing strategies to get across to your target audience.

Brand awareness makes you or your brand recognizable among other brands. If you are a start-up business, establishing brand awareness is one thing to focus on.

Follow these four (4) low-cost marketing strategies. And you will boost your brand awareness.

Deliver Valuable Content

Delivering valuable content is a top, low-cost yet effective marketing strategy. To create valuable content, you need the desire to share beneficial information with your readers.

If you can give value and education to your audience, it will bring more leads and engagements to your brand. However, to write content, you need to ensure that it is understandable and straightforward.

When it comes to content, always consider quality over quantity. Here are some of the most common content used to boost brand awareness.


One of the best ways to increase your brand awareness is to start your podcast. You can build connections with other experts in the industry by interviewing them. Aside from making connections, you can also share value with your audience.

The more value you give them, the more they will get engaged with you. When creating podcasts, you should consider your area of expertise. That way, it will be easier for you to give inputs about your brand.


Another way to get across your audience is through blogging. Giving value through blog posts is one of the most effective marketing strategies. It helps drive traffic to your website and also increases your audience engagements.

First, you have to create high-quality and valuable content. Then, ask other websites if you can post your content as a guest post. Finally, make a list of your blog subscribers so that you can track your progress.

Most importantly, promote your blog on social media platforms.


Most of the audience love infographics. They are easy to read and understand, and at the same time, they are pleasing to the eye. If you do not know it yet, humans engage whenever they see strong visuals.

So if you are using infographics, make sure that they are shareable. That way, your audience can spread them to other potential audiences. This further increases brand awareness.


Nowadays, people resort to videos for information and entertainment. That is why YouTube is one of the most sought-after sites for most audiences. So, to get the attention of your audience, create valuable videos.

Something that your audience would always look forward to. Like most of the videos on YouTube, create educational and entertaining videos.

Increase Social Media Presence

One of the goals of marketing strategists is to increase organic engagements. The more engagements you get, the more likely it is for your brand to be visible to other audiences.

But, getting engagements through organic reach is a struggle for most. So here are some factors that can help increase your social media presence.


Hashtags are free marketing tools that are most effective on social media platforms. You can use hashtags on social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

Nowadays, you can also put hashtags on Facebook and LinkedIn posts. Whenever you use hashtags, remember to vary your hashtag types. Also, make sure that you target your right audience with your hashtags.


Search engine optimization is another factor that can help increase your brand awareness. But, you have to use search engines like Google as your medium. So if you want more business exposure, use relevant keywords to your content.

Let the keywords send traffic to your website. But make sure that you balance the distribution of your keywords. Make sure that they are well-distributed from the headline to the body of your content.

Contests and Giveaways

Offering social media contests and giveaways is another witty marketing strategy.

You do not necessarily have to spend a considerable amount of money for the price, freebies, or giveaways. But still, you will be able to increase the population of your audience.

You can also offer a free trial subscription to the service you are providing. And if your business offers products, you can send free samples. That way, there could be a higher return of orders from your audience.


Another platform that is growing nowadays is LinkedIn. Establish genuine connections by sending messages to your audience. You may also want to join forums where you can build a community.

Recently, Linked In launched a publishing tool where you can post valuable content. It also has features that are almost the same as Facebook. Maximize that feature and interact with your audience.

Collaboration and Partnerships

There are a lot of huge companies and businesses out there. Take advantage of them by making partnerships with them. Be visible to your potential audience by collaborating with other companies or influencers.

Many big brands started marketing their business by collaborating with other established brands.


Partnering with influencers nowadays is so common. Especially now that the number of influencers is continuously growing, but do not approach any influencers just because they are famous.

Make sure that the influencer you are partnering with is in line with your brand. Then, you will complement each other’s brands rather than compete against each other. Try to aim for a long-term partnership.

Local or International Business Partnership

Find businesses that are related to your industry and build partnerships with them. Partnering with local or international companies is a way of getting more leads. But, before collaborating with businesses, have clear goals and expectations.

The key to building a partnership is for both businesses to thrive. So, do not think of it as a selfish opportunity for your business to grow. Instead, try to grow together. You might even build a long-term partnership.

Run Ads on Social Media Platforms

As mentioned earlier, getting leads through organic means can be a struggle. That is why most businesses use ads to get more leads and exposure to the market. If you want your brand to grow, you can utilize ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google. Don’t worry. You do not have to spend too much on the ads.

Facebook and Instagram

Running ads both on Facebook and Instagram are great marketing strategies. This is because both Facebook and Instagram are the biggest social media platforms nowadays.

So, maximize these platforms to increase your brand’s leads. For Facebook, you can use videos or carousels for your ads. With Facebook and Instagram ads, you can optimize your target audience. That way, you can get an authentic audience for your brand.


Not only Facebook and Instagram offer ads, but Twitter as well. With Twitter, you can pay ads to increase your tweet impressions. You can also optimize your campaign so that you will reach your specific target leads.

Google Ads

Google ads are a powerful marketing strategy to get more traffic to your website. People nowadays turn to Google Search Engine to gather information. You can take advantage of this feature by running ads on Google.

The moment the right audience searches for information, Google will put your ads on an easily-searched platform. Given that the information they need is related to your industry. That way, your brand can get more exposure to your target audience.

Building brand awareness may not be as easy as it may seem. But if you know your way to boost it, you can get your brand one of the leading other brands in your industry. Marketing is an investment you need to make to grow your business. If you need more funds, you can get a business loan from lender cash mart like moneylender Jurong. Use the extra funding to level the playing field with your branding to rise above the industry noise.

Put in mind that there are several brands out there who might know of these strategies as well. Make sure to use marketing strategies that highlight your brand’s unique qualities.

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