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54th Cityhood of San Jose City, Nueva Ecija

Cityhood of San Jose City

San Jose City, a component city, is celebrating its 54th cityhood on August 9-11, 2023, flexing its slogan “Pagsulong sa Modernisason, Kasama ang Tradisyon.” On August 4, 1969, Republic Act 6051, an Act creating San Jose City was enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives. San Jose City became the third city in Nueva Ecija after Cabanatuan City and Palayan City.

On November 17, 2009, Republic Act 9776 was signed by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, an Act declaring August 10 of every year a special non-working holiday in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija.

Before Batas Pambansa Bilang 337, the Local Government Code of 1983, became a law, the creation of cities was solely at the discretion of the national legislature. No income, population or land area requirements had to be met. There were no requirements for achieving ‘city’ status other than an approved city charter.

However, on February 24, 2001 Republic Act 9009, was signed into law amending Section 450 of RA 7160, known as the Local Government Code of 1991, increasing the average annual income requirement for a municipality or cluster of barangays to be converted into a component city.

For a municipality to be converted into a city, two requirements must be met as per RA 9009:

  1. Locally generated income of at least ₱100 million (based on constant prices in the year 2000) for the last two consecutive years, as certified by the Department of Finance, or
  2. A population of at least 150,000, as certified by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), or a contiguous territory of 100 square kilometers, as certified by the Land Management Bureau, with contiguity not being a requisite for areas that are on two or more islands.

To this day, San Jose City continues to improve and develop new ways in serving its constituents. Various meaningful programs have been launched such as feeding programs, several outreach programs, programs for senior citizens and farmers, among others.

Headed by father and son tandem, Mayor Mario “Kokoy” Salvador and Vice Mayor Alexis “Ali” Salvador, San Jose City definitely is on the right track for more progress and developments.

— by Elle Gines

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