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6 Skills You Need to Get an Internship


An internship is a valuable opportunity to put the lessons you have learned in school into practice by working in a professional environment. A fruitful internship allows you to gain a better understanding of the career you wish to enter and how it functions in the real world. It may even give you the opportunity to enter a full-time position at the company you intern for after you graduate.

With many benefits to look forward to, you may be wondering what it takes to attain an internship in the first place. Thankfully, technology has made it easier to search for companies with internship openings, no matter where you are in the Philippines. For instance, finding jobs in Mindanao can be a breeze with the help of online job sites, which allow you to survey companies that match your experience level.

However, getting an internship doesn’t end here: you usually have to undergo an application process to be accepted by employers. Additionally, you may be faced with tough competition if you’re applying to well-known companies in your chosen industry. This is why it’s best to hone the soft skills needed to help you stand out from the other candidates. If your want to impress employers, below are six skills you must possess to get an internship:


Being communicative means that you’re able to effectively convey ideas and information when necessary. Employers value good communicators, as they’re assets in many company processes. These include presentations, pitches, meetings, and daily exchanges with your supervisors and co-workers.

Your written communication skills will shine through when you’re writing your cover letter. Meanwhile, your responses during application interviews will showcase your oral communication skills. Do be sure to inform employers of any previous experiences where you exhibited good communication skills. This may include extracurricular or academic activities like debate competitions or an oral communication class.

Collaborative and Sociable

Being a part of any company means having to work with other people, be it your supervisors, colleagues, or clients. This is why the best interns have great interpersonal skills and know how to be team players. While you don’t have to be a social butterfly, it’s still necessary to be sociable. Good people skills include knowing how to act around various individuals, being able to respond to their needs, and listening to different perspectives. Employers seek interns who can build a strong network of relationships that will help the company flourish.

As for being a team player, an intern should be able to collaborate with others. You may be tasked to do certain things on your own, but a company is still composed of many employees and teams, which means you must know how to work alongside other people on a daily basis. During your application interview, it may help to mention experiences where you worked well with others. For example, you could mention competing in games with your varsity team or accomplishing group projects with your classmates.

Self-Disciplined and Proactive

Whether you’re interning for a company remotely or in their headquarters, employers prefer interns who are self-disciplined and proactive. This includes being able to manage your time wisely and following deadlines without needing constant reminders. After all, supervisors often have their hands full when it comes to responsibilities, so a self-sufficient intern who can work with minimal supervision may be a big help to them.

A part of your internship is receiving guidance and feedback from your supervisors, but you should still take the initiative to seek out knowledge on your own. You should also be proactive enough to volunteer for projects whenever possible. During your application process, be sure to mention instances where you practiced self-discipline and initiative, whether it’s volunteering for leadership roles or achieving your academic goals through a self-imposed study schedule.


During an internship, you may be asked to handle multiple tasks and practice different skills while working in a fast-paced environment. If you’re interning as a copywriter for an advertising company, you may have to do other tasks besides writing, like talking to clients and giving presentations.

This is why employers look for interns who are versatile enough to handle any situation. For instance, you might have to work with methods that are unfamiliar to you or adapt to sudden plan changes. When faced with these challenges, employers expect you to handle them with composure and competence.

Receptive to Feedback

Learning new skills and acquiring in-depth knowledge are essential parts of any successful internship. That being said, to truly make the most out of this learning experience, you should know how to be receptive to feedback from your supervisors and experienced colleagues. This includes accepting constructive criticism and any points for improvement and utilizing these to improve your skillset. Nobody is perfect, and employers appreciate interns who strive to grow on a professional level by learning all they can from their company.

Obtaining an internship doesn’t have to be a challenge as long as you make the most out of the soft skills you acquired during your studies or extracurriculars. A fruitful internship experience is more than just the company you work for, but rather, what you decide to do during your stay. With the right attitude and work ethic, you’ll be ready to face your future with confidence.

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