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7 Ideas For A Girls’ Night

Women from ancient times have had activities that they have been doing only with other women. Nowadays, we may also feel an urge to spend the evening with our friends in a girls only group. If there is no man in a group, it is possible to talk about subjects that we will never mention in the presence of man. A girl’s night out is a social activity that usually involves going out to restaurants, bars or the movies with two or more women only. It can also be any activity that excludes men and it doesn’t necessarily involve alcohol.

The women are likely to spend time gossiping, laughing, having fun and celebrating each other. The benefits of girls night is tightening bonds between friends which is healthy for mental health and general life enjoyment level.

Here are some ideas for girls’ night for you and your friends. Boys, if you read this, show it to your girls and send them to enjoy time with their sisters. Maybe you will find it funny to sit at home and order pizza with other boys while girls go out.

Dinner parties

One of the best ideas for girls night is dinner parties with friends. There are many types of it: a picnic, cuisines from specific regions or countries, Chinese checkers dinner etc. This is also the perfect opportunity for a cheat day if any of you are on diet. You can go somewhere where they serve the best desserts in town or somewhere with delicious food but full of calories. Girls night is an ideal day to let yourself go and not worry about how you look and how much you eat. There is no man watching you, so chill out girls.

Go to the theater

Depending on the city you are in, there are a lot of theaters that offer activities for women only. In Tokyo it is possible to go to Kabuki Theater, traditional dance and music events that are very popular among Japanese females. Theater might be quite an experience if it is not a place you go often by yourself.

Go shopping

This is a classic girls night out activity. Wearing something new and looking good in it will make us feel more confident during the event. Checking the newest fashion trends with friends who are also interested in fashion is a good way to have fun. Also, trying on clothes and pretending that you are on a catwalk might be the source of great entertainment for your whole group of friends.

Go for a hike or play sports

Of course, this activity is limited by the season. It might be a good idea to plan it during summer months if there are any hiking trails near your homes. If you live in a snowy area, it can still be possible to go skiing or snowboarding. If you have a gym nearby, it can be more practical to buy tickets for the activities that are inside the building and do not need much equipment.

In winter time, there are many fun activities in amusement parks such as skating or sledding. Many amusement parks offer discounts from evening till night so the price might be quite affordable compared to the daytime when there are also a lot of children that you need to watch out for.

Casino games night

This one is great if you like to compete with each other. It can be played in the form of friendly competition or some kind of betting event. You are likely to have fun with all your friends if you decide to play together and try your luck or if you like to play separately and compare who has won more by the end of the night. This idea might also be perfect if you prefer to stay at home. Ask each of your friends to bring their laptops or mobiles. You can enter an online casino like LV BET casino online and enjoy casino games, comparing scores and see who will win the most during the night.

Cooking classes

Cooking classes are a fun idea for girls’ night. You can have fun actually cooking and eating what you have made afterward. If the class is relatively affordable, it can also be something new to try while you spend some time with your friends. Cooking together is known for making people closer and improving their relationships. This might be great substitute for casual going out to the restaurant because it is going to be you who prepare delicious food for further consumption.

Beauty salons night

From time to time we all want to feel like goddesses and going to a beauty salon to be pampered a little bit is a great idea to achieve that feeling. Going for nails or to the hairdressers with friends is a great opportunity to gossip and talk about stuff that interest you all while being taken care of by a beautician.

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