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A Failed Attempt by the CPP-NDF-NPA to Seize Power” – Former Rebels’ Group says

The Balik Loob Organization of Mountain Province (BLOMP), a group composed of former CPP-NDF-NPA cadres in the Cordillera Region, commemorates the 38th anniversary of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution by highlighting its significance against the CPP-NDF-NPA communist terrorist group (CTG).

According to BLOMP, the 1986 EDSA Revolution was a pivotal moment when the Filipino masses rose up against tyranny and corruption and restored democracy for the Filipino people inflicting a fatal blow to the CPP-NDF-NPA terrorist organization which tried to exploit the civil unrest by trying to maneuver its influence into the “revolutionary ad hoc government”.

Simply put, it is the Filipino people that prevented the CPP-NDF-NPA from taking control of the government.

“It can be remembered that the various front organizations organized by the CPP-NDF-NPA allied themselves with the big groups in the government but they did not achieve the highest level of respect from this group and the CPP-NDF-NPA were excluded in history as one of the main leaders of the 1986 EDSA revolution,” declared the statement.

The statement further states that the new administration following the 1986 EDSA revolution weakened the CPP-NDF-NPA.

“The armed rebels were also weakened in the Cordillera due to the amnesty program of the government and the internal strife that eventually caused the splitting of the Cordillera People Liberation Army (CPLA) and the CPP-NDF-NPA.”

BLOMP also shed light on how the term “people power” was exploited by the CPP-NPA as a means to garner support and amplify anti-Marcos sentiments rather than serving the best interests of the Filipino people.

The statement further declares that,

“Here in the Cordillera region, the campaign was led by the Cordillera People’s Alliance (CPA) and Organizasyon Dagiti Nakurapay nga Umili iti Syudad ti Baguio (ORNUS)”.

“As former members of the CPP-NPA, we want to bring attention to this overlooked aspect of history that has been deliberately obscured”.

Meanwhile, BLOMP advocates a strong belief and reliance on the constitution and the rule of law as guiding principles for progress, peace, and development.

The group believes that peace and prosperity can only be achieved by putting an end to the CPP-NDF-NPA godless communist ideology, giving emphasis on the importance of unity and adherence to cultural norms and value systems that promote peace.

“We assert that true societal change and justice stem from the empowerment of the masses through actions aligned with the constitutional framework,” added the statement.

BLOMP further urges for the preservation and enhancement of unity within the constitutional framework, discouraging support for deceptive Communist ideologies.

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