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A ‘new twist’


THE government’s elaborately-orchestrated anti-corruption crusade has a “new twist,” with President Rodrigo Duterte offering a reward to anyone who could give him information on corrupt public servants.

In a graft-ridden society, like ours, perish the thought of ever seeing the eradication of graft and corruption in the bureaucracy without the support of the Filipino people, including the ordinary citizens.

That’s because the citizens usually know the owners of palatial homes, luxury vehicles, plantations, resorts, subdivisions, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and other business firms in the community.

Yes, the tough-talking Chief Executive from Mindanao is on the right track in seeking the help of the public in going after government officials, elective and appointive, who are “crooks” and “vultures.

Since day one of his six-year presidency, which ends on June 30, 2022, the top priority of President Duterte has been the reduction, if not total eradication, of illegal drugs, official corruption and criminality.

Note, however, that corruption in the bureaucracy remains a major problem in this Southeast Asian nation of English-speaking people, prompting President Duterte to offer financial rewards to “tipsters.

He made the offer in a taped public address aired Monday night, showing his seriousness in spending his last 19 months in office in fighting what some quarters described as “world-class larceny” in the government.

And Duterte vowed to keep the names of “informants,” who play a crucial role in combating graft and corruption in government offices and agencies, anonymous for their safety and protection.

As the end of the Duterte administration approaches, it’s certainly high time to bring the “thieves” in government uniform, particularly the “big fish,” before the courts and jailed if found guilty.

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