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A Salute to the Filipino Workforce

Labor Day is an annual celebration in honoring and recognizing our country’s workforce. It is also the time of the year where we usually hear the unending supplication of the workers or laborers- salary-wage hikes, fair compensation and benefits, end labor contractualization, and other work-related conditions. It is also usually marked by rallies and political demonstrations on the streets to call for reforms and bring attention to the government, the complaints of the workers that are long overdue.

Aside from the labor unions taking advantage of this day to voice out their concerns for the workers, there are these “opportunist organizations” who also try to manipulate them and continues to mislead them with duplicity. I’m pretty sure that what the Communist Front Organizations, one of them (KMU) even derived its name from this day, as what they have been always doing, are trying to instill to these workers are the same old issues that are being raised for years but is not doing any solution to solve these problems. They are just adding fuel to the fire and keep on agitating them until all the blame will be put to the government.

In fact, we know that much work still needs to be done in addressing these issues but let us not forget that our leaders are trying their best to improve the system not in an overnight manner but for a long-term implementation. We may not feel it now but someday, one day, we will be experiencing the effect of the improved work/labor system.

So, I am calling on all my fellow workers, let us not be a victim of the scheme of these opportunist organizations. Let us be wary in who we are dealing with especially when it comes to our work. I hope that the labor sector will not be manipulated anymore by the CPP-NPA-NDF.

This Labor Day, it’s all about the laborers, the workers, the employees, the personnel who worked hard to make their family’s lives become comfortable and satisfied. Not only on May 1 or this month that we pay tribute to all the achievements, sacrifices and contributions of our working men and women who greatly contributed to the progress of our nation but we thank them all throughout the year.

Salute to the Filipino Workforce!

Cauayan City, Isabela

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