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Aboitiz Construction completes 69kv transmission line in Batangas

Batangas 69kv transmission line - Aboitiz Construction
HELPING IMPROVE POWER RELIABILITY IN BATANGAS. Aboitiz Construction constructed another overhead transmission lines for Lima Enerzone to provide a steady and reliable power supply in Lima Estate in Batangas.

Last month, Aboitiz Construction successfully finished the construction of another 69kv overhead transmission line project that consists of 37 electric poles for Lima Enerzone (LEZ) in Lipa City, Batangas.

LIMA Enerzone is an electric distribution utility company under Aboitiz Power Corporation which operates the distribution systems of LIMA Estate, a 794-hectare industrial-anchored area in Lipa-Malvar, Batangas. The transmission lines traverse from LEZ’s first substation to the newly constructed substation of the said power distribution company.

Aboitiz Construction was mainly involved in labor works that include surveying line route, excavating of pole foundations, installing rebar, concreting, pre-casting of pole footings, erecting of pole segments, pole dressing, and stringing of conductors up to the final sagging.

The project is part of a bigger move to enhance power delivery in Lima Estate through a partnership between Aboitiz Construction and Lima Enerzone. Last February, Aboitiz Construction completed the design and construction of the first 69kV overhead transmission line project which aimed to improve power reliability in the area.

“This project aligns with our commitment to help businesses thrive. The completion of new electric facilities will help in the development and expansion of the estate as it attracts more business locators in the area which will soon translate into provision of more jobs and economic growth,” said Alex Garciano, Aboitiz Construction’s Vice President for Construction Operations.

As a trusted partner, Aboitiz Construction is currently the main contractor for the land development of the second phase of LIMA Estate’s industrial expansion. Once completed, the expansion project will accommodate new businesses in the area and can generate 22,000 job opportunities.

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Aboitiz Construction is the construction arm of the Aboitiz Group of Companies, one of the prominent conglomerates in the Philippines. Aboitiz Construction is a privately-held company, with a 46-year track record in value construction and engineering that advances businesses and communities by building a better future.

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