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Aboitiz Construction kicks off expansion works for Monde Nissin’s Bakery Plant in Davao City

MNC Expansion Works
TRUSTED PARTNERSHIP RENEWED. Forging its expertise and operational excellence, Aboitiz Construction is set to embark on another construction project for Monde Nissin’s expanded bakery facility in Davao City.

Aboitiz Construction sealed another project for Monde Nissin Corporation (MNC) which involves the construction of nine ancillary structures and external works for the food company’s expanded bakery plant in Brgy. Ilang, Davao City.

This project is poised to improve MNC’s facilities, strengthening their commitment to enhancing food security in the region and providing local job opportunities.

For completion next year, Aboitiz Construction will spearhead a wide array of tasks, encompassing earthworks, structural, and architectural works to build the ancillary structures. Simultaneously, the external works include civil works, site development, and building of roads and drainages.

The establishment of the new facilities will help strengthen MNC’s sustainability commitment of making eco-efficiency possible and making better food accessible to their consumers.

Integral to this project is Aboitiz Construction’s ongoing involvement with MNC in site and foundation works, a contract secured in June 2023. This phase includes various site development activities covering an expansive area of over 18,000 square meters, preparing the ground for the bakery plant’s expansion.

“We are very thrilled to start a new construction project with Monde Nissin Corporation, one of our valued repeat clients. This collaboration stands as a testament to the trust and confidence they have in our capabilities. As we embark on this journey, we will ensure to bring our expertise, dedication, and teamwork to the forefront once again,” said Aboitiz Construction Vice President for Business Development Construction Levi Agoncillo.

True to its commitment to provide jobs for many Filipinos, the team plans to hire nearly 100 skilled workers, with emphasis on employing local talents.

Aboitiz Construction has been enhancing its expertise in light industries. Currently, the company is actively engaged in a land development project for LIMA Estate, covering 72.2 hectares in Batangas, showcasing their commitment to excellence and growth in the construction sector.

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Aboitiz Construction is the privately-held construction company of the Aboitiz Group, with over 40 years of nationwide track record in heavy industries, light industries, infrastructure, and industrial maintenance. We build for industries to prosper and for communities to thrive.

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