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Act on the Plan: Do Not Let Us All Be Gone!

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Makakalikasan Party’s Statement on International Biodiversity Day 2024 as We Embrace Deep Communitarian Ecologism

Act on the PlanToday, as we commemorate International Biodiversity Day, Makakalikasan – Nature Party Philippines proudly joins the global community in celebrating the rich tapestry of life on Earth. We extend our warmest congratulations and unwavering support to the Global Greens on the launch of their Biodiversity Working Group. This significant initiative represents a pivotal advancement in our collective efforts to protect and preserve biodiversity worldwide. As our Vice Chairperson in charge of International Affairs, Anna Maria Felizardo, ardently expressed, “Greens Solidarity from the Nature Party Philippines – Makakalikasan! We welcome this development and would support this to the best of our ability!”

The Biodiversity Working Group’s mission to infuse ecological wisdom, social justice, and participatory democracy into biodiversity conservation is in perfect harmony with our principles. This initiative addresses critical issues such as habitat destruction, climate change, and species loss, while promoting sustainable development and equitable resource distribution.

State and Challenges of Biodiversity Conservation

In 2024, global biodiversity is at risk, with over one million species threatened by habitat loss, climate change, and pollution. The Philippines, a nation of immense biodiversity, faces similar threats. Hosting over 52,177 species, around 700 of these are endangered due to deforestation, illegal wildlife trade, and inadequate policies. Despite these challenges, we remain steadfast in our commitment to protect our flora and fauna. The Philippine Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (PBSAP) aims to conserve and sustainably use our biodiversity, yet it requires robust support and implementation.

Globally, the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework sets ambitious targets to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030. However, achieving these targets demands unprecedented global cooperation and action.

Deep Communitarian Ecologism: Our Guiding Philosophy

In alignment with the philosophy of Deep Communitarian Ecologism, as articulated by our President, Roy Cabonegro, “Today is BIODIVERSITY DAY. For us working on Green Governance and Politics, it is important we understand the emerging new politics of ECOLOGISM.” This philosophy emphasizes the intrinsic value of all life forms and the importance of fostering deep, community-rooted ecological consciousness. It calls for a shift from anthropocentric to ecocentric values, recognizing that human well-being is inextricably linked to the health of our natural environment.

Be Part of the Plan: Individual Roles in Biodiversity Conservation

The theme for International Biodiversity Day 2024, “Be Part of the Plan,” highlights the unique roles individuals play in supporting the implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. Each one of us has a part to play in safeguarding our planet’s biodiversity, from local conservation efforts to global advocacy.

Makakalikasan’s Green Agenda

Our Green Agenda on Biodiversity and Habitat Conservation, rooted in Deep Communitarian Ecologism, focuses on:

  • Strengthening the implementation of PBSAP.
  • Promoting community-based conservation programs.
  • Advocating for stronger policies against illegal wildlife trade.
  • Enhancing environmental education and public awareness.
  • Fostering international collaboration to address transboundary environmental issues.
  • Stronger law enforcement.
  • Expanded protected areas.
  • Increased conservation funding locally.
  • Enhanced cooperation globally.
  • Stricter pollution and trade regulations.
  • Investment in sustainable development.

Call to Actions

On this International Biodiversity Day, we urge all Filipinos and the global community to:

  1. JOIN our initiatives and ACT to protect biodiversity. JOIN to ACT
  2. Participate in the upcoming Green Normal Online Policy Forum on May 29, 2024, titled “STATUS OF PHILIPPINE BIODIVERSITY & HABITAT CONSERVATION”. Announcement and Registration

Together, let us embrace Deep Communitarian Ecologism and work towards a sustainable future where biodiversity thrives, ecosystems are resilient, and communities are empowered. Let today be a reminder of our responsibility to safeguard the natural world for future generations. Happy International Biodiversity Day!

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