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Activities lined up for Office of Court Administrator 48th founding anniversary

Raul Villanueva
Hon. Raul Villanueva

WITH the theme “OCA @ 48: Partners in the Quest for Judicial Innovation and Reform,” the Office of the Court Administrator (OCA), has lined up various activities on November 17 and 18.

“As the budget for such project is internally generated, there being no subsidy for the same, the funds needed to defray the expected expenses will have to come from voluntary contributions,” court administrator Raul B. Villanueva, said in his Office Order 11-2023. The support of everyone is enjoined, he added.

Likewise, on the same occasion and “in furtherance of the efforts to decongest court dockets and jail facilities, the National Judgment Week Program, shall be conducted by all first and second level courts nationwide” on Nov. 17.

In line with this, all judges and clerks of court of the first and second level courts “are directed to immediately undertake an inventory of civil and criminal cases, especially those involving persons deprived of liberty (PDL) and set them for hearing or promulgation on Nov. 17.”

For judges presiding over more than one court or sharing prosecutors and public attorneys with other courts, appropriate coordination shall be undertaken and the proper notices timely sent to the parties nd counsels, prosecutors and the Public Attorney’s Office.

Villanueva further said all executive judges are instructed “to ensure that all courts within their supervision comply with the directive and to coordinate with the concerned detention facilities to accommodate the videoconferencing schedules implemented by each court.”

Last year, the Supreme Court has commended 20 trial court judges for their outstanding performance in disposing the most number of civil and criminal cases during the National Judgment Day.

The 2022 National Judgment Day was held on November 16, 2022 coincided with the 47th anniversary of OCA.