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AirAsia Philippines will abide by and implement the Department Order 2022-001 issued by the Department of Transportation on 11 January 2021 setting new transportation guidelines for fully vaccinated and non-vaccinated guests.

“From the onset of the pandemic, AirAsia has always been working closely with the IATF, DOTr and its attached agencies along with medical experts in the implementation of multi-layered approaches to safety in the aviation sector,” said Ricky Isla, AirAsia Philippines CEO.

Beginning 17 January 2022, the world’s best low-cost airline will continue to fly fully vaccinated guests from its Manila hub, compliant with the latest travel guidelines set by the respective Local Government Units (LGUs) of their destination.

Meanwhile, non-vaccinated guests with essential purpose of travel from Metro Manila such as persons with medical conditions that prevent full COVID-19 vaccination will still be allowed to fly, provided that they present a duly signed medical certificate with name and contact details of their physician. Likewise, persons who will provide essential goods and services as evidenced by a duly issued barangay health pass or other appropriate proof that will justify travel will also be accepted during the flight.

Isla added, “AirAsia Philippines considers this initiative from the DOTr as an effective tool to encourage every Filipino to take the shot, and get an added layer of protection against any emerging COVID-19 variant.”

AirAsia Philippines guests traveling over the next few days are strongly encouraged to check their flight status and visit the airasia flysafe page for the latest updates on travel requirements.

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